Fun Kitchen Toys

Having the right tool close at hand makes any job easier.
At FROM THE KITCHEN TO THE TABLE we are proud to carry well-designed, quality kitchen toys, gadgets and utensils that make working and playing in the kitchen so much fun! Stock your kitchen with essential utensils, add a few novelty items and have some extra fun with your cooking experience.

Whip up your favourite drink with the Latte Whip!

The Latte WhipThe original rotate, spiral, coffee and milk frother. Now featuring a new and improved flexible rod for enhanced performance and reliability, the Latte-Whip has an ergonomic design and push-button operation. Great for use with all dairy and nondairy products. Uses two AA batteries.

$26.50 each

Silicone Egg Poacher by Trudeau

Trudeau Silicone Egg PoacherThis handy little gadget makes perfect poached eggs every time. For microwave use just break eggs and pour into cups. Place lid over poacher and set into microwave. Cook at medium heat for 45-60 seconds. Makes 2 perfectly poached eggs. Can also be used with a skillet. Heat resistant up to 500F.
5-year warranty.

On sale for $15.95 each

Make your own breakfast egg-sandwiches!

Trudeau Silicone Egg RingsThese new silicone egg rings by Trudeau allow you to make perfect bagel or English muffin egg-sandwiches in your own kitchen. The flexible silicone design is heat resistant, and remains cool to the touch. Simply place the ring on your fry pan, drop in the egg, and it will cook up a perfect shaped egg, ready to place onto your sandwich.

Only $4.99 each

Roast & Serve — As Featured in Canadian Living

Cuisipro Roast and ServeThe Cuisipro Roast & Serve won the 2006 Housewares Design Award for Best Kitchen Tool. This removable rack easily transports meat from the roasting pan to serving tray in one motion without awkward lifters. Holds up to a 25 lb/11 kg bird or roast. Folds for compact storage. Fits a 16" x 13" rectangular roasting pan.

$29.99 each

Cuisipro Dual Baster

Cuisipro Dual BasterThis innovative baster comes with two interchangeable heads. The one-of-a-kind Shower Head will shower basting sauce over your meat evenly with one simple squeeze. With the Shower Head liquid gently flows to prevent scalding splatters. The Injector Head injects flavour, such as sauces, marinades or butter, directly into the meat.

$14.99 Each

SleekStor Collapsible Measuring Cups

Sleek Stor Measuring CupsDefinitely not your grandmother's measuring cup set, Chef'n SleekStor silicone measuring cups are sure to "pop up" every time you are baking. Simply expand for use and contract for storage. Space saving, innovative & fun, with clearly marked measurements imbedded into cup bottom.
Set includes 1, 1/2, 1/3 & 1/4 cup measures.
$24.95 per set


Palm Peeler — Voted one of Top 10 New Products for 2006!

Palm PeelerVoted one of the top 10 new products for 2006 by the Canadian Gift & Tablewares Association, the Palm Peeler puts the power of peeling right in the palm of your hand. The Palm Peeler easily slides on your finger, tucks in your palm, and peels anything you can throw at it. Dishwasher safe, with a stainless steel blade and convenient eyer at the tip, the Palm Peeler comes in three fun colours.
Only $6.50 each

Zyliss Shake & Go

Zyliss Shake & Go Measure, mix, store, serve & drink! Ideal for home-made salad dressings, drinks, marinades, shakes and sauces. Includes tight twist closure.
Available in great summer colours: blue, orange, red, green & yellow. 5-year guarantee.
Only $9.95

Good Grips Angled Measuring Cups

Good Grips Angled Measuring CupsThese great angled measuring cups are perfect for ensuring accurate measurements.

Look from the side or the top, you always get the exact measurements. Available in 1-cup, 2-cup and 4-cup measures; or consider the mini angled measuring cup from 4 tablespoons to ¼ cup measures.

Prices from $4.99

Graviti Mill by Trudeau

Graviti Mill by TrudeauNew from Trudeau, the Graviti Battery Pepper Mill features an easy-to-use tilt motion that activates the grinding mechanism. Simply insert the batteries, flip the mill and let gravity do the rest.

It also features a ceramic grinder, "soft-touch" comfort grip and large adjustable knob for setting the desired grind level. Available in five fun summer colours!

Only $35.00

Did you know?

Americans consume more pepper than all other spices combined, consuming roughly 4 ounces per person per year.

Europeans generally prefer white pepper, while Americans consume roughly twelve times more black than white pepper.

Silicone Barbecue Basting Brush

Silicone Barbecue Basting BrushPerfect for basting sauces and marinades on BBQ items. In many fun colours.

From $4.95 each

Be sure to check out our expert grilling tips in the entertaining section of this web site.

Silicone Pot Handles

Silicone Pot HandlesJust slip over the handle of your pot to prevent burning.

Practical and useful in a variety of colours.

$7.50 set of two

Great for handling Emile Henry gratin dishes.

Zyliss Ice-Cream Scoop

As featured in Toronto Life

Zyliss Ice-Cream ScoopThis superior ice-cream scoop makes scooping even the hardest ice cream a breeze. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, this scoop is rugged and durable. Designed for both right and left-hand use, it features a non-slip handle and thumb grip for increased pressure. Made of nylon and chrome-plated steel, the Zyliss ice-cream scoop is dishwasher safe.

Only $16.99 each


Perfect for cleaning just about anything!

E-Cloth These amazing cleaning cloths provide a perfect cleaning system without the use of chemicals. Use just water for a "no-smear" clean. Made of heavy-duty microfibre fabric, each cloth washes up 300 times. The general purpose cloth cleans all hard surfaces including stainless, glass, marble, chrome, wood, and plastic, while the glass cloth cleans glass, mirrors & metals.

$9.99 each or two for $18.99

Cuisipro Commercial Quality Tongs

Cuisipro TongsCuisipro introduces commercial-quality stainless steel locking tongs with coloured silicone ends. The sturdy tongs feature the easy-to-use push-and-pull locking mechanism but have been made even better by adding coloured silicone on the grabbing portion of the tongs. Cuisipro tongs combine the advantages of metal and silicone to make tongs that offer the strength of commercial-quality stainless steel and the convenience of a push-and-pull locking mechanism with the non-stick, high heat-resistance properties of silicone. Available in black, red, blue & yellow tips.

Cuisipro Silicone Tongs available in three sizes:
$14.99, $16.99 and $19.99

Fun Kitchen Toys

  • Zyliss Salad Knife — in a wide range of fun and funky colours, this plastic salad knife is perfect for cutting lettuce and spinach, and prevents the “browning” of leaves which occurs when chopping lettuce with a metal blade.
    5.99 each
  • Food Loop — is the first heat resistant silicon food trussing tool designed to replace kitchen string and toothpicks in the prep and cooking process.
  • FreshWave All Natural Odor Neutralizing Spray — naturally eliminates a wide spectrum of odours without using or adding fragrances or chemicals.

The Garlic Twist

This is the best way I've come across to mince garlic.

The Garlic TwistCalled the next generation in garlic tools, the Garlic Twist is fun and easy to use. A handy way to crush and peel garlic, the Twist minces garlic to an ideal texture, and then neatly gathers the garlic so it's ready for use with no waste. And best of all, just rinse once to clean!

Dalla Piazza Nuscup

Dalla NuscupChosen by the Do-It-Yourself Retailing Retailer's Choice Panel as one of their outstanding products:
An adjustable measuring tool for the cook that measures both liquid and dry ingredients!

Cuisipro's® Serrated Peeler

Who ever thought that peeling could be so much fun!Cuisipro Peeler

The serrated peeler is the ultimate kitchen tool, effortlessly producing ultra-thin peels. Ideal for peeling delicate fruits and vegetables like:

  • Tomatoes
  • Peaches
  • Kiwi
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumbers

The serrated peeler leaves the most nutritious part of the food intact by removing only the top layer of skin.