Fun Kitchen Toys

Having the right tool close at hand makes any job easier.
At FROM THE KITCHEN TO THE TABLE we are proud to carry well-designed, quality kitchen toys, gadgets and utensils that make working and playing in the kitchen so much fun! Stock your kitchen with essential utensils, add a few novelty items and have some extra fun with your cooking experience.

The Shake ‘N Go from Zyliss

The Shake ‘N Go from ZylissMeasure, mix, store, serve & drink! Ideal for home-made salad dressings, drinks, marinades, shakes and sauces. The Shake ‘N Go from Zyliss includes a tight twist closure, a flip top drinking spout and easy to read measurements. Available in a variety of fun colours.

$7.95 each

Stew & Braising Tongs

Stewing and braising tongsPerfect for the slow cooker or braising your favourite meats, these heavy duty, dual purpose tongs feature a solid head for scooping stews and a slotted head for draining excess liquid.

Silicone heads are heat resistant to 425F, and stainless steel handles lock with a simple pulling motion.


Sophie Conran Jumbo Cup & Saucer Set

Sophie Conran Jumbo Cup & Saucer SetThere’s nothing like sipping a hot drink on a cool, grey autumn afternoon. This oversized cup and saucer set from renowned designer Sophie Conran invites you to spend an afternoon in front of the fireplace with a good cook book.
0.6 Litre capacity.

$29.99 Gift Boxed

Kitchen Grips

Kitchen GripsKitchen Grips oven mitts and handle holders are made with a unique material called FLXaPrene™, which provides a flexible nonslip grip, is heat resistant to 500F and repels liquid, steam and bacteria-causing stains.

Mitt - $22.50
Handle Holders - Reg. $9.99

Veg’Art prep tool

Veggie Art Kitchen ToolMade in in Germany, the Veg’Art prep tool combines a multi-purpose peeler, v-knife, citrus opener, citrus peeler and groove cutter all in one compact tool! The multi-peeler blade can peel hard food like potatoes, carrots or cucumbers, as well as soft, delicate fruits like kiwis, tomatoes and mangoes. With a tool like this, it’s okay to play with your food!

$10.00 each

Prepara Ice Pods

A cool spin on ice cubes, these ice pods from Prepara form perfectly spherical ice for drinks.

Add a mint leaf or berries, and fill with water or juice to add flavour and colour to your cold drinks.

The set of four snaps together so the pods won’t get lost in the freezer.


Prepara Ice Pods

Prepara Flip Masher

Prepara Flip MasherAnother simple and efficient product by Prepara, this masher makes mashing up your favourite ingredients a breeze. The ergonomic handle accommodates multiple gripping positions to ensure your comfort and the maximum mashing impact. With a quick squeeze of the sides, the masher’s patented head flips 90 degrees -- flat enough to slide into the slimmest of spaces


Swiss Curve peeler

Swissmar Curve PeelerThe innovative design of the Swiss Curve peeler makes for a smooth and comfortable peel, directing the peel away from the blade, so it won’t get in the way. The compact peeler fits comfortably between your thumb and index finger, with a pinching motion, whether you’re a lefty or a righty!

$10.00 Black
$15.00 Stainless Steel

Salad Drying & Storage Bag

Salad Drying & Storage BagThe super-absorbent microfibre material of this re-usable salad bag draws moisture away from salad, keeping it dry and crisp for days.

Use it to store freshly washed lettuce or other fresh produce.

Machine washable.

$12.99 each

Colourful Ceramic Paring Knife

The 3-inch ceramic blade on this funky and comfortable paring knife is 50% harder than steel and has a resin coating to prevent food from sticking.

Ceramic, unlike steel, will not transfer metallic taste or smell to food, nor will it corrode. Complete with plastic sheath, this knife is perfect for the kitchen, a picnic or to keep in your desk drawer at work.
Available in red, green and blue.

$14.99 each

3-inch ceramic blade

Multi-Purpose Mini Folding Board

Trudeau Folding Cutting BoardSharpen your knife, chop and prepare, then scoop your ingredients right into the pan with the mini folding cutting board from Trudeau.

This multi purpose mini board folds in half for storage and scooping, has rubber feet to prevent sliding on the counter, and even has a built-in knife sharpener!
Available in red, green and blue.

$14.99 small
$19.99 large

Toss & Chop

With their double blades and handy scoop, the Toss & Chop shears do just as their name suggests. Simultaneously mix and chop ingredients in a single bowl, without the need for a cutting board. Perfect for a garden salad, salsa, chutneys or fruit salads.


The Swiss Curve Peeler

The Swiss Curve PeelerThe innovative design of the Swiss Curve peeler makes for a smooth and comfortable peel.

The compact stainless steel peeler fits comfortably between your thumb and index finger, whether you’re a lefty or a righty!

$15.00 each


Don’t drain on my parade!

square colanderThis square colander helps to take the mess out of straining and rinsing fruits, vegetables and pasta. Built in feet allow the colander to sit flat and stable in the sink, squared corners make emptying strained and rinsed food easy, and vertical drainage holes mean the water flows down, rather than spraying in all directions.

$8.99 small
$11.99 large


“Hands On” Salad

Salad TongsThese “handy” stainless steel salad tongs make it easy for your guests to help themselves. The salad hands are joined together, so they can be easily used by anyone - even kids - and can be hooked over the edge of the salad bowl when not in use. Made with dishwasher safe stainless steel.



Sail Pop Fun!

BBQ Tool DuoThese nautical themed popsicle molds produce frozen treats shaped like sailboats, mast, keel and all! The six individual molds in the set snap together, so you can freeze all six, or just one for a summer afternoon snack.

Dishwasher safe, and made with BPA free plastic.

$11.99 for set of six

Sail Popsicle Set

Zoku Chocolate Dipping Station

Zoku Chocolate StationDip a frozen treat into the melted chocolate. Use the two trays for sprinkles, nuts or your favourite topping. The gift set also includes a long handled spoon so you can drizzle the chocolate over ice cream or fruit.

$19.99 each

Make your own frozen treats with the
Zoku Quick Pop set >

Ice Cream Cone Holder

ice cream cone holderThis stainless steel swiveling ice cream cone holder holds four cones.

Makes filling cones easy, is a fun way to serve up dessert, and would be perfect for an ice cream birthday party!

$19.99 each

The StirStik™

Stir StixThe fun coloured StirStik™ makes stirring, flipping and spreading easy and fun.

You can also use it in a mixing bowl, jar or blender for scraping.

This multipurpose utensil looks like a paint can stick.

$9.99 each



Jumbo Stainless Steel Spoon Rest

Jumbo Stainless Steel Spoon RestDo you ever find yourself walking around the kitchen with a dripping spoon or spatula in hand? With this sleek stainless steel spoon rest, you’re free to set your utensils down, without having to clean up the mess later. Its extra large design will hold spoons, spatulas or turners, and it’s dishwasher safe, to make clean up a breeze!

$14.99 each


Hydration in Style:
Trudeau’s Mist Hydrator bottle

Trudeau’s Mist Hydrator bottleStay cool and hydrated this summer with Trudeau’s Mist Hydrator bottle. The convenient pop up straw is perfect for quick, easy hydration during a morning run or workout, and its built in mister will provide much needed refreshment on hot summer days.

Available in three funky colours.

$11.99 each


Perfect Poultry:
BBQ poultry thermometers

BBQ poultry thermometersWe all know the importance of thoroughly cooked poultry for both flavour and safety. This set of two BBQ poultry thermometers takes the guess work out of grilling poultry.

Simply insert the metal probe into your poultry, and the easy to read display will tell you when it’s reached the ideal temperature to enjoy.

$7.99 for set of 2

The Stem Gem from Chef’n

Stem Gem from Chef’nThe Stem Gem from Chef’n makes removing strawberry stems quick and easy. Your guests will love snacking on strawberries from a fruit tray, without having to hold on to their stems! (Great for tomatoes too!)


Try this recipe: Strawberry and Goat Cheese Salad

Bring the outdoors in

heavy duty garden shears by Zwilling J.A. Henckels.Bring the outdoors into the kitchen with these heavy duty garden shears by Zwilling J.A. Henckels.

Use this tool to clip fresh flowers from your garden, or to harvest your own home grown herbs to add to your favourite dish.


Klip It food storage containers

Klip-ItDesigned in New Zealand, Klip It food storage containers feature rubberized seals and easy to use clip-on lids, so your food is always sealed and secured.

The containers are specially designed to stack on top of one another, for easy, compact storage in your fridge and pantry.

Available in rectangular, round and square shapes, and a variety of sizes.

Starting at $4.99




Keeping deviled eggs in line...

Deviled EggsServing deviled eggs can be a challenge; the little devils always seem to be plotting their escape from the plate! The deviled egg tray by Zak Designs solves this problem, with recessed holders for 24 individual servings of deviled egg.

$14.99 each

Check out our Easy Deviled Eggs recipe


Sophie Conran Egg Cups

Sophie Conran Egg CupsThis set of two egg cups will add a simple elegance to your Easter brunch table setting.

From world famous designer Sophie Conran, the simple white design will be at home on any table.

$14.99 for set of 2


Maple Syrup

Collapsible Scraper from Chef’nThere’s something special about driving down a country road lined with maple trees dripping their sweet sap into metal buckets - and we had a great maple syrup season this year! These well-designed syrup dispensers from Trudeau keep dripping to a minimum, are microwave safe, and are available in three cheerful colours.

$12.99 each


Poach Pods

The ever-popular poach pod makes poaching eggs super easy. Simply float the egg-filled poach pod in boiling water, like a lilly pad in a pond, and flip inside out when done to release a perfectly dome-shaped poached egg.
Poach Pods

$14.99 for set of 2




Swiss Curve Peeler

Swiss Curve PeelerThe innovative design of the Swiss Curve peeler makes for a smooth and comfortable peel. The compact stainless steel peeler fits comfortably between your thumb and index finger, whether you’re a lefty or a righty!

$15.00 each


KiennaKup K-Cup Adaptor

KiennaKup-K Cup AdaptorCut down on the waste of K-Cups with your Keurig Single Cup Brewer, by using the KiennaKup, which allows you to brew Kienna Coffee, roasted in Canada and packaged in biodegradable tea bag style pouches, rather than wasteful plastic cups.

The KiennaKup fits all models of K-Cup brewers. Kienna Coffee is available at From the Kitchen to the Table.

$5.00 each


Collapsible Scraper from Chef’n

Collapsible Scraper from Chef’nThe collapsible scraper from Chef’n makes it easy to maintain a clean and functional work surface. Use the wide mouth scoop to gather and transfer chopped vegetables from the counter to the stove, or make use of the stainless steel edge with measurements for measuring and cutting pastry. The silicone scraper folds flat for storage.

$18.99 each


Baker’s Best Friend

Bakers WheelThis handy tool is indispensable to the seasoned baker, or anyone who likes to experiment with pastry. Dual heavy duty stainless steel pastry cutting wheels - one straight and one crimped - makes for a compact, versatile, all in one tool!

$17.99 each




Cooked to perfection!

Danesco BBQ Steak ThermometersThese handy little thermometers let you cook steaks to perfection, to individual tastes. Simply insert the stainless steel probe into your steak, pork chop, or burger and get a simple reading of rare, medium or well done. Hand wash only.

$7.99 for set of 2

Get a grip!

Cusipro TongsA unique twist on the classic kitchen tong design. These silicone tongs have a built-in set of stainless steel “teeth” to help you get a better grip! Perfect for raw or cooked meat, and other heavier food items that you don’t want to touch with your hands. Available in 9.5 and 12-inch lengths.

$16.99 for 9.5-inch
$18.99 for 12-inch

Add a splash of flavour...

Garlic Box Steak SplashMade with Ontario grown garlic, the Garlic Steak Splash from the Garlic box is an easy way to add depth and flavour to any meat dish. Simply splash it on chicken, steak, seafood or any meat as it’s being grilled, seared or fried, right in the pan, to turn up the flavour dial!

$5.99 for 250 ml bottle

Aerating Wine Pourer from Trudeau

Aerating Wine Pourer from TrudeauImpress even the most discriminating wine connoisseur at your next dinner party, with the Aerating Wine Pourer from Trudeau. This innovative pouring spout fits on any wine bottle, and instantly improves bouquet and flavour by injecting air into the wine as you pour - equivalent to decanting for 30 minutes.

See the Trudeau Wine Aerator in Action:
Video Link >

$24.99 each


Cuisipro Apple Corer

Cuisipro Apple CorerCoring an apple is easier than ever with the Cuisipro apple corer. Simply push down into the core, twist and remove. Then, with the flick of your finger, open the hinge, and out slides the entire core, seeds and all. The handle is ergonomically designed for ultimate ease of use.

$12.99 each

World’s Best Pot Scrubber

Pot ScrubbersSome of the best tools for the kitchen are those that make the toughest, most undesirable jobs a cinch. These colourful little pot scrubbers make quick work of the toughest kitchen cleaning jobs with their abrasive surface. Our customers rave about these little gems, coming back for more for themselves, their friends and families!

$3.00 each

Garlic Twist 3.0

Garlic Twist 3.0One of our favourite and most popular kitchen gadgets is back. The Garlic Twist - the tool that minces garlic (and ginger) with a simple twisting motion - has been redesigned. The third generation Garlic Twist has improved ergonomics and design, to make mincing easier than ever. Available in three colours; clear, purple and lime green.

$19.99 each


Shake and Serve from Trudeau

Trudeau Shake and ServeFor the perfect vinaigrette, add your ingredients to the bottle, shake and serve. The Trudeau salad dressing bottle includes recipes for simple vinaigrettes, with measurement markers right on the side. This handy bottle is great to take with a salad to school or work and on a picnic.

$24.99 each


Warm and dry on the go!

Trudeau TumblerThese fun and colourful portable tumblers feature a top that seals when closed, preventing any leaking. Combined with double wall insulation, the leak proof seal means you can store a warm drink in your backpack or purse without worrying about it leaking or getting cold!

$10.99 each

Henckels Kids Flatware Set

Henckels Kids FlatwareBring the class and quality of Henckels flatware to the kids’ table this holiday season. This four piece flatware set is made specially for small hands, with fun enbossed designs on the handles.




It’s a scoop, it’s a spatula...

silicone scoop/’s a Scoopatula!

This versatile tool is a must-have for the every-day baker. Its sturdy and sleek stainless steel handle will stand up to years of use, and the silicone scoop/spatula head is heat resistant up to 500° F and dishwasher safe.

$15.00 each

Soup’s On!

Trudeau Casa Blanca Onion Soup BowlWhat better way to enjoy a bowl of French onion soup than warm and bubbling, fresh out of the oven? The Casa Blanca onion soup bowl allows you to serve your guests an individual portion, right out of the oven!

$9.99 each

Perfect for Chef Blair's
Low Salt French Onion Soup Recipe >

Colander Scoop

Colander ScoopThis multi-purpose kitchen utensil allows you to quickly and efficiently scoop and drain food straight from a pan or oven dish.

It eliminates the need to drain hot liquids from heavy pans before removing food. Made from toughened nylon; heat resistant to 480° F.

$11.99 each


Stir StikThe cooking StirStik™ makes stirring and spreading in the kitchen fun and easy. Use for stirring, flipping, scooping and spreading, or for scraping and mixing food in mixing bowls and other containers.

Ideal for soups, sauces, mixing up batter, stir fries, and anything else that you need to stir up.

$9.99 each



Pinch & Pour!

Pinch and PourThe Sleekstor Pinch and Pour beaker by Chef’n offers versatility in measuring and pouring. Including multiple units of measure, and made of flexible material, allowing you to control the size of the stream by pinching more or less.

Starting at $9.99 for small size

It’s Tea-mendous!

Tea-mendous travel tea tumbler from TrudeauThe Tea-mendous travel tea tumbler from Trudeau is designed for the perfect cup of tea, on the go. Brew loose leaf tea or bagged tea in just minutes. With a convenient carry-and-go design, the tea travel tumbler features a unique mesh basket inside the mug to keep your tea leaves or bags filtered.

With double wall insulation, the Tea-mendous mug will keep your cup of tea warm for up to 2 hours.

$14.99 each

Watch it steep...Bormioli glass teapot

Bormioli glass teapotWatch as your favourite herbal blend infuses in the Bormioli glass teapot, made of extra strong, extra light tempered glass.

This elegant teapot comes with a removable glass tea infuser. Perfect for coffee or tea!

$33.99 (1 Litre capacity)

Cosy up with your favourite tea...

Danica tea cosyKeep your tea pot warm with a Danica tea cosy, available in a variety of patterns.

Made of 100% cotton and filled with polyester insulation, each cosy measures 13.5” wide x 11” high and fits most standard tea pots.

The handy loop on top of the cosy is perfect for convenient storage.

$17.50 each

Now you see it, now you don’t!

silicone colander from Chef’n collapsesThe innovative silicone colander from Chef’n collapses flat -- only one inch thick -- and then expands and maintains its shape for your cooking projects.

Amaze your friends & family -- or just strain some things with it. Space saving design; top rack dishwasher safe.

$19.99 each


Never too hot to handle!

Tongs for CanningAn essential tool to safely remove canning jars from hot water. Stay-cool plastic handles protect your hands when removing hot jars.

Chromed steel tongs are PVC coated to provide a solid, secure grip while grabbing the lid or sides of a hot jar.

$6.50 each

Pour it in!

Tongs for CanningDual spouts on this sturdy 1-cup capacity ladle allows you to pour from either side. 12” long handle allows for easy reach into deep pots.

Dishwasher safe.

Made of 18/8 stainless steel.

$14.99 each

Lift and load!

Magnetic Lid Lifter for CanningRSVP’s magnetic lid lifter allows you to handle jar lids for both hot and cold canning.

Pick up sterilized lids from boiling water using the magnetic tip on the 7” handle.
Hand wash

$2.99 each


Pit Pit Hooray with QuickPit™!

Stop biting down on hard cherry or olive pits! This handheld pitter from Chef’n gets rid of cherry and olive pits in seconds. Just insert a cherry or olive into the nook, pull the trigger and watch the pit pop right out. Safe, easy to use & top-rack dishwasher safe.

Check out the QuickPit Cherry Pitter demo

$14.99 each

Cherry Pitter

Scooping up a treat!

The award-winning ice cream scoop from Zyliss is ergonomically designed to scoop even the hardest ice cream with minimal effort. Weighted design for efficient scooping. Contains no chemical anti-freeze agents.

14.99 each

Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop

Scrape up the last bit of your favourite treat!

Swissmar SpatulaSwissmar’s silicone spatula is Swiss designed, featuring rounded edges, perfect for bowls and straight edge pots. The silicone is heat-sealed onto the handle, making it extremely hygienic.

Stainless steel handle features convenient hanging loop. Heat resistant to 500℉ and dishwasher safe.
Available in white or red.

$15.00 each

The best food trussingtool for the grill!

Stainless Steel Food Loop The first flameproof, stainless steel Foodloop for the grill. Use anywhere you would use string, tooth picks or skewers to hold your food together while cooking on the grill, under the broiler or in any pan on the stove. Flameproof to 2012F, the Foodloop is reusable, dishwasher safe, flexible and durable. Adjusts from 2” to 6” in diameter.

$24.99 for set of 4


Don’t get twisted with Fire Wire!

Fire WireFire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewer is an ingenious cable-style grilling skewer that makes grilling easier than ever before. Made of 100% food grade stainless steel, Fire Wire is twice as long as a traditional skewer. No need to touch the food twice; simply marinate in the bag on the Fire Wire and place the food on your grill.




Ice melts! Whisky rocks!

Teroforma Whisky Stones With Glass Print

This set of 9 Whisky Stones is ideal for putting a slight chill in your whisky without diluting the flavour of your drink. Reusable and non-porous, the Stones impart neither flavour or odour. Pour whisky over Stones, let stand for a few moments and enjoy. Rinse and air dry to clean.

$24.99 for a set of 9


The Burner is hot, hot, hot!

Chef'n BurnerProtect your hands from hot pots and pans with this kitchen-inspired silicone trivet. The Burner from Chef’n is a burner look-alike that can handle the heat. Use it as a stylish pot holder or trivet. Protects counters and tabletops, the Burner is made of heat and stain resistant silicone, is top-rack dishwasher safe and good for temperatures up to 650F. Available in red & black design.

$12.00 each

It’s a Bananza from Chef'n


Bananza from Chef’nLeave the knife in the drawer, because now all you need for perfect, uniform banana slices is the Bananza from Chef’n. Great for cereal, smoothies or just a snack, a quick squeeze of the Bananza and you’re all set. Plus its dull stainless steel blades make it safe for kids. Top rack dishwasher safe!

$9.99 each


Cuisipro Cupcake Decorating Set
Everything but the cherry on top!

Cuisipro Cupcake Decorating SetThe Cuisipro Cupcake Decorating set includes 2 decorating squeeze bottles with tips, an offset spatula and a cupcake corer that creates a perfect hole in the centre of the cupcake for filling with icing or hiding edible treasures. Easy grip squeeze bottles are simple for small hands to fill and decorate cupcakes or muffins. Round tip for writing and drawing patterns and floral tip for designs and filling.

$19.99 set

Egg it up!
Trudeau Egg Poacher

T-SacTrudeau Egg Poacher This handy little gadget makes perfect poached eggs every time. Just break the egg and pour into cup. The handle makes taking from the pot to the plate as easy as can be.

Heat resistant to 482F and microwave and dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

4.99 each


CDN Digital Tea Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of brewing the perfect cup of tea with the CDN digital tea thermometer. Ensure that your tea is steeped to the proper temperature. With a large, easy-to-read display, the thermometer is pre-programmed for precision brewing of 18 types of loose, ball or bagged tea, and 8 different brew strengths. Also allows for custom programming to suit your own specific preferences.

$29.99 each

CDN Digital Tea Thermometer


Don’t cry over spilled spices!

Soup Socks for StockThe RSVP Endurance Spice Funnel is the perfect tool for transferring spices and liquids to narrow jars and bottles.

Available in two sizes, the larger funnel has a removable straining filter that is ideal when preparing herb infused oil or vinegar.

Small size $4.50 each
Large size (with strainer) $10.99 each

Cookies with heart!

Cuisipro Heart Shaped Cookie CuttersCreate your own heart-shaped messages with this heartshaped cookie cutter set from Cuisipro. Set includes five different sizes of heart shaped cutters that snap together for neat storage.

Non-stick for easy release of dough, and dishwasher safe.

$11.99 per set

Put it in the Fresh Bag!

Shortbread Mold and Shortbread Recipe

Reusable and environmentally friendly the Fresh Bag from Dalla Piazza keeps vegetables and onions fresh for weeks. The space between the 100% cotton bag and the specially perforated, naturally breathing inner poly lining, creates an atmosphere ideal for preserving for food for a longer period of time.

$15.00 each


No more onion odours!

Onions Storage for the FridgePrevent onion odours while keeping cut onions fresh and moist. Because it looks just like an onion, you’ll never forget what’s inside. Simply place cut onion inside, and twist to lock.

Made of dishwasher safe plastic.

$4.99 each