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April 2014, Volume 10, Issue 4

From the Kitchen to the Table, The Kitchen Store in Orangeville

Be nice to the planet!

Semi Annual Zwilling J. A. Henckels SaleHello to the first robins of spring that I saw just the other day. We have long awaited your arrival.

We welcome the seasonal change with wide open arms and wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us in the coming months.

If this past winter is a taste of global warming then our environmental impact needs to be considered daily.

Earth Day, April 22, reminds us each to get outside and clean up our own corner of the world and be aware of the toll we place on the planet in our daily lives.

We hope you are inspired by our newsletter to make some earth conscious choices when purchasing products.

Sigrid and Staff


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April Sale Items


In This Issue:


NEW Le Creuset Stainless Steel Cookware

NEW Le Creuset Stainless Steel Cookware

Buy it right, buy it for life. When you buy quality items that last the earth thanks you. Le Creuset stainless steel cookware has had a major facelift and we are very excited to offer you the latest unveiling. This cookware has been designed to perform and allow home chef’s to cook in a professional way. Crafted in Europe.

Introductory rate: Save 20% for the month of April
Check out the Le Creuset Spring Flyer


Ecologie by Now Designs

Ecologie by Now Designs

Make earth-thoughtful decisions when you are looking to treat yourself or others to a burst of colour in the kitchen. We’d like to introduce Ecologie by Now Designs: a new line of environmentally-sustainable kitchenware. This product is made of crushed bamboo and rice husks, which is a waste by-product of rice harvesting.

Pieces include: dinner and salad plates, salad bowls, colanders, dry measuring cups, serving tray, chip and dip and condiment bowls (as seen in Spring 2014 LCBO magazine). Available in a rainbow of happy colours.


Silicone Suction lids by Viancin

Silicone Suction lids by Viancin

Back by popular demand are the silicone suction lids by Viancin.

Leave the cling wrap behind and use these reusable lids instead.

Use on the stove top to keep steam in and reduce splatters.

Inspired by nature: Lilypad, Sunflower, Daisy and Hibiscus lids

The lids come in a few sizes and are heat resistant up to 428°F.


Toys to Reduce Your Eco Footprint

iPrep Tablet Stand by Prepara


Digital print is the way to go to conserve forests and save on shipping of printed products. Use your tablet in the kitchen to download recipe books or access thousands of recipes online. When you’ve decided what to make prop your device up on the iPrep Tablet Stand and use the handy sylus. (this could be a great Mother's Day gift - Sunday May 11)


Did you know? We have 190 recipes on the web site!

Chef’n ButtercupStainless Steel Straws by Endurance

Disposable plastic straws have an average life span of just 20 minutes. Then it’s off to the landfill adding unnecessary waste.

If you can’t break the straw habit then pick up a package of reusable stainless steel straws to give the planet a break.

The straws are dishwasher safe and for more thorough cleaning use the straw cleaning brushes

$10 set of 4 straws
$4.00 / 2 pack of cleaning brushes

Universal StoneUniversal Stone 800g

This is one of those products that does it all! Once you discover it there’s no going back and you will need to have it in your life indefinitely.

The eco-friendly cleaning and polishing stone is safe for stainless steel, chrome, marble, granite, copper, gold, silver, crystal, brass, aluminum, acrylic, carpet, vinyl, leather and more.

Fully biodegradable, free of toxins and chemicals, made of all natural ingredients.

$40.00 800g with one sponge

Skoy ClothsSkoy Cloths

Reduce your paper consumption with Skoy multi-use cleaning cloths. One cloth absorbs 15x its own weight and outlasts 15 rolls of paper towel. To keep your cloth germ-free, wash in washer, dishwasher or microwave. Product is made in Germany from cotton and wood pulp cellulose harvested from sustainable forests.

$9.99 set of 4 cloths


Tips to Green your Kitchen

  1. Use small appliances instead of the oven whenever possible
  2. Buy good quality kitchen tools to last
  3. Cook at Home! Avoid premade foods to benefit your health and reduce garbage

Why Aren’t We Cooking Anymore?

For more on the topic of Why Aren’t We Cooking Anymore? read Windy Field Farms blog and be sure to try the Sweet Potato Hummus recipe at the end of the story.

Vegetarian Chili

Speaking of sweet potatoes - here's a vegetarian chili recipe full of super foods and beans, perfect for meatless Mondays and to use for leftover lunches.


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