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December 2016, The Finer Things

Kitchen to the Table, The Kitchen Store in Orangeville

Latte Art

The Finer Things

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for that perfect someone? We have really neat things we can share with you in hopes of sparking inspiration. Fine wine accessories, the sharpest knives and the best coffee makers, don't you or someone you know deserve the finer things?

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Sigrid and Staff


Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus for the Coffee Connoisseur

Breville Creatista Plus

The Breville Creatista Plus is a beautiful and impressive machine. Here you will find the convenience of Nespresso combined with the design and uniqueness of Breville.
Nespresso is known for their single brew coffee machines that make superior coffee. Breville has a reputation for manufacturing barista-quality espresso makers which give you more control over your drinks with regards to temperature and texturized steamed milk. Put these two together and you have a more customizable coffee-based drink maker with the convenience of single serve. Breville Creatista Plus it is the first truly Barista-style espresso maker by Nespresso that allows you to customize your drink. Latte Art here we come!

  • Uses Nespresso coffee capsules (Available online)
  • Fully automatic brewing and milk steaming.
  • Choose from 7 pre-set and re-programmable drinks: Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato and Flat White.
  • Choose from 8 different adjustable milk textures for drinks like Cappuccino, Latte or Flat White.
  • Choose from 11 adjustable milk temperatures.
  • Milk is steamed and has ‘micro-foam’ which allows you to create latte art.
  • Cool to touch steam wand with auto purge for cleaning.
  • Quick 3-second start-up time
  • Full Stainless steel housing.



Vev Vigano

Make espresso and espresso-based drinks such as latte and cappuccino etc. with a simple stove-top espresso maker. This is a stainless steel percolator that comes from Italy and it’s commonly found in European households. Simply pack fine ground coffee into the filter, fill the bottom with water and set the coffee maker on the stove top. Percolate until all the water is eventually in the top portion of the pot. Voilà, espresso!

Vev Vigano

4 cups $66.00
6 cups $80.00

Milk Frothers

After your espresso shot is made you can add steamed milk to make different drinks. We have a variety of gadgets to help make hot frothy milk for your beverages. Unplugged, battery operated or electric.

Starting at $16.00

SHUN Knives for the person who loves a sharp knife

SHUN Japanese knives are known to be extremely sharp due to the tight 15˚ angle on the blade. Choose a Shun knife for someone who would appreciate a superior tool. This hand crafted Japanese knife requires special care. Sharpening, cutting surface and storage must all be considered when purchasing a knife of any brand.

Shun Knives

Incredibly sharp edges and unmatched aesthetics set Shun knives apart from every other kitchen knife. In the great tradition of Japanese sword smiths, every knife is handmade by highly skilled specialists and requires at least 100 handcrafted steps to complete. Every day, the legacy of ancient sword smiths serves as inspiration to the artisans in the Kai factories. Kai’s 100-year-old tradition of blade-making excellence, combined with the newest technology and the most advanced materials, makes every Shun knife a functional work of art.

Starting at $120


Knife Skills

Knife Skills: Why you should add a filet knife to your collection of knives.

A fillet knife is used when deboning meat or fish. It is important to have the least amount of waste (bones which can be made into stock) and the most amount of meat come away while filleting. This means the specialty knife needs to be very flexible and sharp.

Epicurean Cutting Surfaces

We like these cutting boards for all the reasons you’ll like these cutting boards:

  • dishwasher safe
  • knife friendly
  • heat resistant
  • eco friendly
  • made in the USA

Epicurean has been revolutionizing cutting boards since 2003. The product is so innovative and original and completely functional that it’s now considered a staple in your kitchen. The surface will not dull your knives so your knives will need sharpening less often.

Epicurean wood fibre cutting boards are heat resistant up to 350°F / 176°C, so you can use the surface as a trivet without damage. No more need to worry if your board is harbouring any bacteria. Simply add it to the dishwasher or wash in hot soapy water. Comes in a variety of sizes.

Starting at $16.00

Epicurean Cutting Surfaces


Riedel Decanters

Wine decanters are not simply ornamental. They provide your wine with an opportunity to taste better. There are two main reasons why one would want to decant wines:

  • Decant an older wine to separate it from its sediment.
  • Decant a younger wine to increase aeration, revealing more complexity and opening up aromas and flavours.

These showstoppers, Ayam and Eve decanters by Riedel, are both handmade in Austria of fine crystal. Any wine lover would be delighted with such a gift.

Ayam Decanter by Riedel $350.00 ($490.00 Regular) left
Eve Decanter by Riedel $400.00 ($590.00 Regular) right

Nordic Ware Snowflake Shortbread Mold

Riedel Bottle Cleaner

Clean your valuable decanters and thermos flasks with metallic mini pellets from Riedel. These tiny stainless steel pellets remove all dirt, residue, sediment and stains from inside the decanter. Just fill the vessel halfway up with water, add the pellets and swish around for about 2 minutes. Drain, rinse, dry & use pellets again next time! Contains 12 pellets.


Riedel Bottle Cleaner

Riedel Microfibre Cloth

The Riedel microfibre cleaning cloth is perfect to clean your glasses and make them shine like new. Use either dry or slightly damp, the cloth cleans thoroughly and scratch-free. Removes grease and dries at the same time. Fluff free. Machine washable!


Riedel Microfibre Cloth


Spiced Almonds

Spiced Almonds

Make a double batch to share or take as a hostess gift.

Once you've tried the recipe for these almonds, you will definitely want to pass the recipe on. Why not double the recipe, and have some of this savoury treat on hand to package up as a hostess gift, or a gift for teachers, friends, family …just about anybody. To make the gift perfectly elegant, consider packaging in a nice canister or glass jar; just add ribbon (and print a copy of the recipe) and you're all set! What could be easier (or more tasty)?


  • 2 tbsp (30 ml) liquid honey
  • 2 tbsp (30 ml) vegetable oil
  • 2 tbsp (30 ml) granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp (5 ml) cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp (5 ml) paprika
  • 1 tsp (5 ml) salt
  • 3 cups whole almonds (do not remove skin, as you loose flavour)


  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Generously grease a large baking sheet with shallow sides.
  3. In a large bowl, stir honey with oil, sugar, cayenne pepper, paprika & salt; mix well.
  4. Add nuts to mixture. Using a wooden spoon, mix until evenly coated.
  5. Spread nuts in single layer on baking sheet.
  6. Roast uncovered in centre of 350F oven, stirring frequently, until nuts are toasted & glazed, for approximately 15-17 minutes.
  7. Remove from oven & let cook, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.
  8. Place nuts in bowl and serve. Nuts will keep well in airtight container, in a cool place, for up to 4 days.

Make them your own - experiment with cinnamon, cumin, coconut or sesame seeds.


Lampe Berger, Holiday Gift Boxes

Limited edition lamps are a holiday highlight. This year choose between timeless Christmas colours, red and white or pick a sophisticated black. The boxed sets consist of a beautiful catalytic lamp, wick, tulip mounting, snuffer, funnel and a 180 ml bottle of fragrance. All made in France.

Red or White Satin Boxed Sets

The Red or White Satin Boxed Sets are the ultimate gift for the Lampe Berger lover. Included is the Orange Cinnamon scent, ideal for creating a festive and sweet environment.


Lamp Berger Comete

This gorgeous limited edition lamp, called Comète, evokes a magical and sophisticated holiday time. It beholds an interesting star shape in a black shade all sprinkled with a silver shimmer for a glamorous look and feel. Subtle Almond scent is included in the box set giving a sweet, nutty fragrance to spur memories of holiday baking.