Setting a pretty table for your Mom!

April Cornell ShannonEntertaining should be comfortable, easy and suit your own personal style. This Mother’s Day why not treat your mom to a special day that allows her to spend the day enjoying her family. Surround your mom with some of her favourite colours, themes or flavours. Use your favourite table cloth, or add colour underneath a heirloom lace tablecloth by lining with an inexpensive (but colourful) plastic liner.

It doesn’t need to be a five-course dinner
-- how about a casual Sunday brunch featuring fresh fruit from the market, a fabulous pot of coffee, and some sweet pastries from your kitchen or your favourite bakery?

Decorate your table with fresh spring flowers, or pots of ivy from your local garden shop (a great gift to send home with your guests). If your mom is an avid gardener, consider using small terra cotta pots as place markers on the table, and fill with gardening gloves, seed packets, gardening tools, or wind chimes!

If you’ve been to the market let the food set the stage
Platters or bowls filled with berries or sweet melon are always pretty to look at and better to eat! Remember height when setting your table -- it’s awkward to have to look around tall vases of flowers -- try floating flower buds in glass bowls.

Remember Mother’s Day is all about family!
Some of the best table decor is made of love! Family photos or hand made drawings from children or grandchildren are the best decorations of all! The little remembrances -- like her favourite blend of tea, or one of her favourite recipes that you prepare (with love) mean more than anything. Set your table, and serve a meal that allows you to enjoy spending this special day together. After all, that’s what Mother’s Day is all about!

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