Gift and Bridal Registry

From the Kitchen to the Table offers a special gift registry program to you.

We are pleased to offer a Gift Registry Service to make shopping and gift giving easy and pleasurable. If you are planning your wedding, an anniversary, milestone birthday party or any other special occasion this service is for you. Simply drop by the store to register your selections and preferences with our experienced staff.

Once your name and information is in our database, your friends and relatives can simply contact the store directly to inquire about your selections and choose the right gift.

For customers registered in our wedding registry program, following your wedding From the Kitchen to the Table will provide you with a 10% in-store credit voucher for all purchases made up until your wedding day (excluding taxes).

Please use our contact form to request a current list of items on the Gift Registry. Be sure to provide name of the person you are inquiring about.

Fun Wedding Facts

  • The word “bride” comes from the old English word, meaning “cook”.
  • The tradition of throwing rice at a newly married couple was a wish for a “full pantry”.
  • Ancient Romans baked cakes of wheat or barley and would break it over the bride’s head as a symbol of fertility.
  • Polterabend is a German wedding tradition: the night before the wedding an informal party is held, where plates and dishes are smashed (the broken pieces are said to bring good luck).
  • Mead is a wine-like drink made from honey, water and yeast. It was thought that mead could improve virility in men and fertility in women, and as such held an important place in traditional Irish wedding ceremonies.
  • Smashing a piece of cake in the bride’s face dates back to the Roman times when it was thought to ensure her fertility.
  • According to Greek culture, a bride should tuck a sugar cube into her glove to ensure a sweet union.
  • The Mohegan Sun Casino created the world’s largest wedding cake in 2004, measuring 17 feet high and weighing 15,032 pounds. It was made from 10,000 pounds of cake batter and 4,810 pounds of icing, and could feed 59,000 people!

A Taiwanese couple who celebrated their 86th wedding anniversary in 2003 is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the longest married couple.

The average age of an engaged woman in Canada is 29 years old, according to Wedding Bells magazine.

The tradition of giving engagement rings began in 1477 when Roman Emperor Maximilian I gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring as an engagement present.

Summer months are the most popular for Canadian weddings: 18% take place in July; 20% take place in August; and 18% take place in September.

According to Statistics Canada, 75.2% of weddings in Canada were officiated by a member of the clergy.

Prince Edward Island has the highest rate of marriage in Canada, with 6.0 marriages for every 1000 population.

Wedding Bells magazine estimates the cost of the average Canadian wedding to be $25,800.

According to the Vanier Institute of the Family, the top characteristics people look for when choosing a partner are: honesty; kindness; respect; compatibility and humour!

It is said that the average person falls in love 7 times before they get married!