Gift Ideas Under $25

Great gift suggestions for the chef or foodie in your life - stocking stuffers and extra special kitchen tools. Simply peruse the Guide, make your list and drop by the store at 125 Broadway to shop for your favourite chef!

Cupcake Carrier from Fox Run - $4.50 each

This fun little item is perfect for carrying muffins or cupcakes.  Transport a standard size muffin or cupcake in your lunch bag or for an on-the-go snack.  With a twist and lock lid that ensures your treat reaches its destination with no mess.   Available in white, pink or blue, with a clear lid.

Cupcake Carrier from Fox Run

Bilbo Decanter Cleaning Beads from Peugeot - $20.00

Decanter CleanerClean your decanters with the Bilbo Cleaning Beads from Peugeot. Simply fill your decanter half way with warm water, uncap the Bilbo flask and pour the stainless steel beads into the decanter. Swirl the beads around the decanter to remove any tannin or limestone deposits.

After your decanter is clean, remove the beads by unscrewing the flask base and pouring the beads into the flask (make sure the cap flask is on); reattach the flask base; remove the flask cap and run hot water through the top to rinse clean. The slits and holes in the flask allow water to rinse over the beads, drain through, and provide the necessary ventilation for drying.


Gourmet du Village Brie Baker & Toppings
Starting at $16.99 each

GV Brie BakerThe Bistro line from Gourmet du Village has everything you need to create a bistro atmosphere in your own home. The Bistro Brie Baker features a white, red or black porcelain bowl, sized to hold a small round of Brie. Comes with matching lid with metallic logo, recipe and two toppings (sun dried tomato seasoning and pesto seasoning).


Trudeau Syrup Dispensers - $13.95 each

Trudeau Syrup DispenserAttractive and practical, this syrup dispenser looks great on any table. With a white top and base and a see-through body, the Trudeau Syrup Dispenser holds 16 ounces of syrup. Made of break resistant polycarbonate and featuring a spring activated slide back lever for ease of pouring, the dispenser is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Pourfect Measuring Spoon Set - $18.99

Pourfect Measuring SpoonsFeatures large, easy-to-read text in English, metric & Braille, calibrated measurements that guarantee accuracy, matte finish grip with comfort thumb depression, polished bowl for easy release of ingredients, and a handy scraper which can be used to level ingredients for exact measurement. Each spoon releases from ring for easier use. Set includes 1/64 tsp drop, 1/32 tsp smidgeon, 1/16 tsp pinch, 1/8 tsp dash, ¼ tsp, 1/3 tsp, ½ tsp, ¾ tsp, 1 tsp, 1 ½ tsp, 1 tbsp, 2 tbsp, spoon leveler.

Gourmet du Village Cranberry Orange Pancake & Waffle Mix - $6.25

GVCranberryOrange Pancake MixDelicious mix that is easy to prepare. Make delicious pancakes or waffles with the same mix. Simply add water. Yields 20 pancakes or waffles.Great for Christmas morning.

Cuisipro Herb Keeper - $21.99

Cuisipro Herb KeeperA clever solution for storing and extending the life of herbs. The Herb Keeper is perfect when you wish to enjoy flavourful meals with the addition of fresh herbs. Easily handles large bunches of herbs and bundles of asparagus, with stems immersed in water for freshness and hydration that extends beyond refrigeration alone. Conveniently fits in most refrigerator doors. Removable tray lifts for easy draining. Hand wash recommended.

Cellardine ZapCap Bottle Opener - $24.99

Sap CapThe unique push and pop-off stainless steel bottle opener.

Simply place ZapCap on the bottle and punch it down to magically remove the cap. The magnet holds the cap for easy disposal. Quick and easy to use. Works on any crown cap and even works on twist-off caps. Use for beers, juices, water and soft drinks.

Gourmet du Village - French Onion Soup - $4.25

Onion SoupThis is a rich, old-fashioned hearty onion soup that's simple to make by just adding water. Serve with some crusty garlic bread and a glass of Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Each box makes two servings.

Cuisipro Click-n-Sip Travel Mug - $19.99

Click n sipThe must-have gift for the commuter on your shopping list, the Click-n-Sip travel mug is designed for sipping & drinking rather than spilling. The magic is in the spill proof lid that is easy to open without taking your eyes off the road.

The simple, one-handed push button that is located in the centre of the lid opens and closes the mug with ease. And drinking is even easier, because you can drink from anywhere around the lid! Fits into most car cup holders. Dishwasher safe.

Oxo Good Grips Palm Brush - $11.99

Palm BrushWashing dishes is less of a chore with the OXO GOOD GRIPS Soap Squirting Palm Brush. Simply press the soft top to release soap when you want it. Sturdy nylon bristles make scouring pots and scrubbing pans easier. Safe for use on non-stick cookware. The soft, non-slip cap cushions your hand while you scrub, and a clear window shows you how much soap is left. Easily fill the Soap Squirting Palm Brush with soap by unscrewing the cap.

Trudeau Twist Jar Opener - $3.99

Jar openerThis twist jar opener from Trudeau provides a firm grip, allowing you to open jar lids with less effort. Easy to use, and adjustable to fit most sizes of bottle jars. Dishwasher safe.

Chef'N Garlic Machine - $12.99 Turn here for fresh garlic!

Garlic MachineSimply unscrew the bottom of the Chef'N Garlic Machine tube, insert peeled garlic cloves and replace the bottom. Twist handle to press fresh garlic. To cut, use the Garlicutter™ and trim desired amount. To store garlic, pop on the special Garlock lid and put in the refrigerator. Stores garlic for up to one week. Dishwasher safe.

Prepara Tabletop Mister - $25.00

The Prepara Tabletop Mister is the healthy way to cook, adding more flavour with less fat. It is the first BPA-free, sterile glass mister with a patented filtering system that allows the user to create their own flavoured oils by infusing dried herbs, dried spices or even ingredients like dried chili peppers, sun dried tomatoes and dried garlic without clogging the sprayer Ensure a thin coating of oil or other sprays. Perfect for greasing pans and preventing food from sticking, browning meat, seasoning salads, misting cookie trays, and making pancakes. Beautiful styling fits perfect in any kitchen or on any dining table.

Table Top Mister

Cool Down Hydration Bottle from Trudeau - $13.99

Cool Down Hydration BottleTrudeau's Hydration line of sports bottles enables people to conveniently take their beverages with them wherever they go. The Cool Down bottle keeps beverages cold for up to 2 hours and the double-wall lining prevents sweating. With a rubber grip, the bottle is easy to hold. Features a safe and convenient pop-up runner's straw that retracts when not in use. Also includes a convenient carabiner hook for instant attachment.

Trudeau Cheese Knives Set - $22.50

Cheese Knife SetPerfect for holiday entertaining, as a hostess gift, or just to keep on hand for everyday use. This stainless steel cheese set from Trudeau features four different cheese tools: the pear shaped knife that is perfect for very hard cheeses; the wide blade flat edged knife designed for use with round or cube cheese; the narrow flat edged knife for crumbly cheeses; and the cheese fork with long sharp picks that hold various cheeses when cutting.

Bisbell Magnetic Knife Blade Guards

These patented knife edge protectors keep your knives sharper for longer by protecting the blade edges when stored in a drawer or wherever you store knives.  They also help protect you from those nasty accidents!  Available in small, medium and large sizes for blades up to 55mm wide, they can be trimmed down to fit any length of knife, by simply grabbing the scissors and cutting down to size.

Set of 2
Small (fits blades to 25mm & 150mm ) - $18.00
Set of 2
Medium (fits blades to 35mm wide & 250mm long) - $24.00
Set of 2
Large (fits blades to 5mm wide & 250mm long) - $30.00

Knife Blade Guards

RSVP Endurance Kitchen Twine Dispenser - $12.95

RSVP Endurance Twine DispenserKeep the stainless steel twine dispenser on your countertop or in a nearby drawer and you'll never spend time searching again!  The 18/10 stainless steel dispenser eliminates tangles, keeping twine convenient and tidy.  Measures 3" x 3.5" tall.  Dishwasher safe.  (Twine not included).

Trudeau Stay Cool Silicone ~ Pinch Grips - $4.99

Pinch GripsIdeal for lifting hot pots, pans and covers.  High heat resistant.  Finger and thumb guards.  Easy to clean.  Dishwasher safe.

Bread Bag

Fresh Bag VegetablesKeep it fresh – naturally!

The Dalla Piazza Fresh Bag keeps bread, rolls, potatoes, onions and apples fresh longer! The cotton sleeve and special poly lining helps preserve your food for a longer period of time. Simply wash by hand between uses. Each bag measures 30cm x 30cm.

$13.00 each

Don’t cry over spilled spices!

RSVP Spice FunnelThe RSVP Endurance Spice Funnel is the perfect tool for transferring herbs, spices and liquids to narrow jars and bottles. Available in two sizes, the larger funnel has a removable straining filter that is ideal when preparing herb infused oil or vinegar.

$4.50 each – small size
$10.99 each – large size (with strainer)

Serving up breakfast in style!

Egg RingIf you are having overnight guests during the holiday season, serve up breakfast in style with the help of these silicone egg rings from Trudeau. Available in a variety of styles including star shapes, circles, and hearts, you can make restaurant style egg sandwiches in the comfort of your home. Casual and fun, these egg forms are heat resistant to 500F and dishwasher safe.

$4.99 each

Swissmar Cheese Knife

Swissmar makes the perfect cheese knife for every variety of cheese. Their universal cheese knife is perfect for cutting most types of cheese and the fork tip allows slices to be served without changing tools. Gently curved for ease of cutting. Stainless steel with hollow handle. Gift boxed. We also carry a variety of cheese knives for specific cheese types including soft cheese, cheese with rinds, spreading, moist, hard and semi-soft cheese.
Swissmar Cheese Knife

Universal Cheese Knife from Swissmar - $15.00 each

Pasta perfection!

Burton Pasta Perfect TimerThis Pasta Per’Fect timer means you’ll never have under-cooked or over-cooked pasta again! The timer floats in the pot with your pasta. All you need to do is add your pasta to boiling water and when the colour changes to the corresponding indicator on the timer (for your type of pasta), you’re set to go!

$9.95 each

Gourmet du Village Brie Baker & Toppings

Gourmet du Village Brie BakerThe new Bistro line from Gourmet du Village has everything you need to create a bistro atmosphere in your own home.  The Bistro Brie Baker features a pure white porcelain, elegant looking round bowl, sized to hold a small round of Brie.  Comes with matching lid with metallic logo, recipe and two toppings (sun dried tomato seasoning and pesto seasoning). 

$16.99 each

RSVP Endurance - Chef's Tasting Spoon

Endurance Chef Tasting SpoonPerfect for sampling your latest creation, the RSVP Endurance Chef's Tasting Spoon features a small bowl that holds just enough for a small taste, and tines for spearing small tidbits. The stainless steel spoon features a long, 7" handle, to allow for easy reaching into pots, pans and bowls.

$2.95 each

Festive Holiday Cookies from Cuisipro

Cookie CuttersAvailable in a variety of holiday shapes, these cookie cutters conveniently snap together for neat compact storage. Made of durable plastic, each set includes five delightful shapes that release dough with ease. Perfect for cookies or canapés. Available in round, flutes, stars and holiday tree shapes. Dishwasher safe.

$11.99 each

Creative Storage Solutions

Hutzler Garlic KeepersRecognizing that the best way to store garlic, onions, tomatoes, lemons and limes is to take a cue from nature, Hutzler created these storage solutions to look just like the real thing. Each container is dishwasher safe. Attractive and easy to identify in a crowded refrigerator.

$5.99 each

As featured in O-Magazine - Tea Infusers

Tea InfuserThese fun and fresh silicone tea infusers from Trudeau come in three bright colours. The matching saucer that comes with the infuser doubles as a rest for the infuser and as a lid to keep your tea from getting cold!

5.99 each

The smell of shortbread signals the start of the holiday season!

Shortbread MoldBaking shortbread in one of our Danesco shortbread molds is a quick and foolproof alternative to rolling and cutting individual cookies. Made of unglazed natural stoneware, each mold allows for even baking at low oven temperatures, and features embossed Christmas designs.

$17.99 each

FEATURED RECIPE - Kristin's Shortbread - a seasonal favourite!

Cleaning goes au-naturel!

MuClothMUcloth combines a high-quality microfibre dishcloth with a durable scouring scrubber. The cloth is so well-crafted that it renders harsh cleaning chemicals entirely unnecessary. The MUbamboo cloth is super-absorbent and fast drying. And bamboo releases an all-natural anti-bacterial agent that kills bacterial growth. You'll notice the fresh bamboo scent of your bamboo towels and cloths.

MUbamboo tea towel - $10.99 each
MUbamboo dishcloth - $8.99 each

The perfect slice every time!

Zyliss cheese graterThis adjustable dial & slice cheese plane from Zyliss allows you to slice cheese in any thickness, simply by dialing the adjustable wheel. Cuts all types of hard and semi-hard cheese from extra thin to approximately ¼" thick. The stainless steel edge allows you to create bite-size pieces or cut larger portions of cheese.

$16.99 each

Create your own coffee and espresso bar at home!

Silverback books coffee espressoCreate your own coffee bar at home with recipes for over 30 different coffee drinks including cappuccino, latte and macchiato. "Coffee and Espresso" by Tania Dusy also provides tips on how to foam your own milk, and recipes for homemade syrups and other sweet treats to accompany your coffee drink.

$10.95 each

Just snap & clip - what could be easier!

Sanppy SealThe world's easiest way to reseal a bag, this clever clip reseals bags tightly in just the blink of an eye. Just twist the top of your open bag, compress Snappy Seal, insert the bag into the slot and release! With magnetic backing, these handy clips can be kept of the fridge, ready to serve your every need! Available in yellow, blue, red & green.

$2.50 each

Great stocking stuffers for the young (and young at heart)

Gourmet Village Popcorn Christmas TreeThis festive coloured popcorn is a proverbial favourite, and is available in tall cone shaped "tree" packages in holiday red and holiday green.

$5.99 each

World's Best Pot Scrubber

Pot ScrubbersThese handy little pot scrubbers are flying off the shelves. In vibrant colours, customers are raving that these are the best scrub cloths they've ever used.

$3.00 each

Don't lose your cork any more!

Cork RetrieverThis unique retrieving tool by Argyle will become an important accessory for every well equipped wine cellar. Remove slipping corks from inside wine bottles without spoiling your favourite wine. Works first time every time!

$9.95 each

Oil and vinegar made easy!

Oil and Vinegar BottleA convenient way to handle your oil and vinegar. This unique bottle features an automatic pouring system, dripless spout, and is dishwasher safe.

$5.75 each

Avoid cross contamination!

Cutting boardsThis unique set of four cutting boards has graphics on each cutting board: one with a chicken, one with a cow, one with a carrot and one with a fish. Each emblem indicates the type of food that can be cut on that particular board - you'll never worry about cross contamination again. Set of four boards have silicone backing which provides non-skid performance. Top rack dishwasher safe.

$19.99 set

Skrub a dub, dub...

Skrub gloveMake the task of cleaning potatoes, vegetables and fruit quick and easy with this set of 2 scrubbing gloves. This new patented invention eliminates the need for unhygienic sponges and bristle brushes. Simple and brilliant, the Skrub'A features a unique rugged surface that enables skin and dirt to be removed easily. The knitted elastic material results in a one-size-fits-all glove that can be easily rinsed and wrung out. The airy knit allows for the gloves to dry quickly after use, and they can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine!

$12.95 each

Serving up breakfast in style!

Trudeau silicone egg ring starIf you are having overnight guests during the holiday season, serve up breakfast in style with the help of these silicone egg rings. Available in a variety of styles including star shapes, circles, and hearts, you can make restaurant style egg sandwiches in the comfort of your home. Casual and fun, these egg forms are heat resistant to 500F and dishwasher safe.

$4.99 each

Fondue entertaining for the holidays!

Fondue BookAngelika Illies encourages you to relax with friends and pamper them with culinary delights with her new book "Irresistible Fondues". All ingredients can be prepared well in advance so you can enjoy your guests once they arrive. Everyone cooks together at the dining room table. Fondues have come a long way from the ones you may remember in the 1970s. Try a fondue this holiday season and let this handy book be your guide!

$10.95 each

Enjoy garlicky goodness!

Cuisipro Garlic PressThis unique garlic press from Cuisipro has a non-slip base so it can be used on the countertop or held in the hand. Garlic is quickly pushed through the large hopper onto the removable spoon built directly into the base. The removable spoon holds up to 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of freshly pressed garlic so that it can be easily transferred to a bowl or pan. The end of the spoon can be used to scrape away any garlic remaining in the press. Non-stick finish. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

$21.99 each

Keeping track of notes and recipes has never been easier!

Magnetic ClipThis free standing magnetic clip can be used in a variety of ways. Hang it on the fridge to keep notes and lists, or stand it up on your counter to hold your recipe cards. Available in a variety of fun colours. Grab a bunch and drop one or more in each of the stockings you need to fill.

$3.95 each

There's a "mouse" in the house...

Zyliss Multi Mouse OpenerThe "Multi-Mouse" opener fits perfectly on almost any size metal can, beverage pop tops and plastic or metal twist-off caps. It looks like a computer mouse and fits easily in the palm of your hand to provide perfect leverage and control for opening virtually any kind of jar or bottle. Just attach the magnetic mouse to your refrigerator any have this handy tool at your fingertips whenever you need it. Available in blue, red, green or black.

$9.99 each

Shine it up... just like Martha Stewart

Cape Cod PolishThe Cape Cod polish cloth removes tarnish faster and more completely than all other polishes. As featured in Martha Stewart living.

2 cloths for $5.99 or holiday gift tin for $24.95

It's a snap!

Clipeez ClipThe Clipeez Clips have rubberized lips that provide a secure grip on paper, plastic and other materials, making them the perfect way to secure closure of any package. With their magnetic back, they are also extremely useful for hanging notes or lists on the refrigerator. Available in yellow, blue, red & green.

$1.95 each

The "coolest tool" for your kitchen!

Le Creuset Cool ToolWith so many valuable uses, our Cool Tool is destined to become irreplaceable in the kitchen. This innovative new tool combines the durability of Le Creuset's silicone with functional design. Use as a pot holder, anti-skid mat, jar gripper, surface protector or even as a garlic peeler. Available in 10 colours.

$13.00 each

For the wine lover!

Trudeu glass funnel aeratorGently release wine into your decanter with this mouth blown glass funnel and provide optimum aeration and allow the flavour and bouquet of the wine to flourish. Suitable for most decanters of all shapes and sizes.

$16.50 each

Clip It! Grip It! Hold It!

Cook HookThe "Cook Hook" is a silicone towel hook that allows you to magnetically clip and hold a towel almost anywhere: aprons, drawer pulls, doors knobs, belt loops, appliance handles, or golf bags. Features magnetic closure. The uses are endless - try it and you'll be "hooked".

$7.99 each

Slice & Go!

kuhn Rikon Paring KnifeThese handy paring knives from Kuhn Rikon are made of a high-quality carbon steel blade with a nonstick coating and safety sheath. Available in red, yellow, blue, lime green, orange & pink. The safety sheath makes these perfect for sticking in a drawer, or even in a bag or lunch bag.

No Stock until March 2011

Snap Fit Cookie Cutters by Cuisipro

Snap Fit Cookie Cutters by CuisiproAvailable in a variety of holiday shapes, these cookie cutters conveniently snap together for neat compact storage. Made of durable plastic, each set includes five delightful shapes that release dough with ease. Perfect for a seamless cut of cookies or canapés.

Available in round, fluted, stars and holiday tree shapes.
Dishwasher safe. 25 year warranty.


Classic Peeler by Swissmar

Classic Peeler by Swissmar With a carbon steel blade, the Classic Peeler thinly peels delicate fruit and vegetables like tomatoes, kiwi, mangoes and more.

Suitable for right or left hand use, with a side cutter that removes potato eyes and blemishes.

$5.00 each

Duncan's Kitchen Grips Pan Handle Sleeve

Duncan’s Kitchen Grips Pan Handle SleeveThe pan handle sleeve fits easily over the handle of any pot or pan to make handling easy and safe. Safe for heat up to 500F and water and stain resistant, the Pan Handle Euro Sleeve is available in 4 bright colours.

A wide selection of mitts, hots pads and hand holders are also available.

Pan Handle Sleeve $14.99 for two

Trudeau Rotary Nut Cracker

Trudeau Rotary Nut Cracker Perfect for the holiday season, the easy to use Trudeau Rotary Nut Cracker, cracks the shell without any mess. Soft comfortable non-slip contour. Dishwasher safe. Cracks the shell and protects the nut.

Position nut and turn slowly clockwise.

$14.99 each

Garlic Twist

Garlic TwistCalled the next generation in garlic tools, the Garlic Twist by Nextrend is a fun and easy to use. A handy way to crush and peel garlic, the Twist minces garlic to an ideal texture and then neatly gathers the garlic so it's ready for use with no waste.

And best of all, just rinse to clean!

$18.99 each

Brix Jar Key

Brix Jar KeyThis handy little gadget lets you open jars effortlessly by releasing air into the jar and removing the vacuum, allowing the lid to spin free effortlessly.

Dishwasher safe and made of unbreakable abs plastic.

$5.95 each

SleekStor Collapsible Colander

SleekStor Collapsible Colander  Now you see it, now you don't... With this collapsible colander, you'll become a magician in the kitchen. Simply push the silicone out for a fully functional colander and then flatten it for storage. At only one inch thick, it fits in places that you'll have to see to believe. This innovative colander also has a lip, allowing it to rest within pots and pans and holds up to 12 ounces of your favorite foods. Constructed of 650°F heat resistant silicone, the SleekStor™ Collapsible Silicone Scoop Colander is sturdy enough to maintain its expanded shape while resting on a counter. Presto!

$24.95 each

Trudeau Crumb Vacuum

Trudeau Crumb VacuumPerfect for a quick clean-up of your holiday table, the Trudeau Crumb Vacuum features one touch operation and soft nylon bristles that will not scratch surfaces. A simple glide across the table allows the crumb vacuum to pull up crumbs into the receptacle. Battery operated — requires 2AA batteries. Easy to empty crumb receptacle.

$13.95 each

Gamila Tea Stick

Gamila Tea Stick A contemplative toy that gently rocks as it infuses clouds of flavour before your eyes. The Gamila Tea Stick is the ultimate infuser for tea enthusiasts. Simply use the stick to scoop your loose tea, slide the handle, and place in your cup to steep. The Gamila Tea Stick provides optimum flow for steeping and is perfect for medium sized full-leaf teas. The Gamila Tea Stick is what happens when designers and connoisseurs meet for tea.

$24.95 each

Zyliss Can Opener

Zyliss Can OpenerThe Zyliss Lift & Lock Opener provides effortless tin opening. The opener clamps firmly to the can and the unique magnet feature lifts and releases the lid. Featuring rubberized non-slip handles and a five year guarantee.

$23.50 each

Endurance Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Endurance Stainless Steel Pizza CutterForget pizza rollers! No need to let the cheese gum up the wheel or to let the toppings get pushed off the pizza. The Endurance World-Class Pizza Cutter has an extra large, 14" gently curving edge which cuts swiftly through pizza without disturbing the toppings. It also chops and dices. Designed for its balance and easy grip in heavy weight 18/10 stainless steel, featuring a 3" deep cutter.

$14.95 each

Italian Espress Coffee Scoop & Clip

Italian Espress Coffee Scoop & ClipScoop and measure out whole or ground coffee with the Coffee Scoop ‘N Clip. Made from 18/10 stainless steel, it has a 1 ½ tablespoon capacity and a clip that can be used to close and secure coffee bags.

The 7" overall length provides easy reach into bags or canisters. Dishwasher safe.

$10.95 each

Egg Per'fect Egg Cook Timer

Egg Per'fect Egg Cook TimerThe color changing — heat sensitive EGG-PER'FECT sits right in the pot with your eggs. As the eggs cook, a visual color change on the graduated scale tells when they are soft, medium or hard by precisely sensing heat instead of time. The sensor accounts for the number of eggs, the amount of water, even the altitude at which the eggs are being cooked. Soft boiled eggs are as you like them... Every time. Hard boiled eggs are no longer overcooked, so they have perfectly colored yolks and a smooth texture.

$9.95 each

The Food Loop & Lace

The Food Loop Lace The first heat resistant silicon lacing tool designed to replace kitchen string and toothpicks in the prep and cooking process. Non stick, reusable, dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 675F, 22" long. Stuff it; lace it; cinch it; cook it — with the Food Loop!

The food loop is $16.95 and the food loop lace is $12.95

Classic Non-Stick Scrubber

Classic Non-Stick Scrubber This non-stick scrubber cleans glass, porcelain and non-stick cookware without scratching. Use with warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner. Rinse thoroughly between uses.

$2.75 each

Super Garlicky Bread Dipper with Real Blue Cheese

Super Garlicky Bread Dipper with Real Blue CheeseThe Garlic Box is located in southwestern Ontario and prides itself on using locally grown cold climate garlic. Their Super Garlicky Bread Dipper with Real Blue Cheese is excellent with bread, as a steak marinade or salad dressing, and absolutely delicious on pizza. Simply shake and pour bread dipper into a shallow serving dish, such as a Dalla Piazza dipping dish, then serve with fresh chunks of crusty bread. Wrap up a bottle of Super Garlicky Bread Dipper and a Dalla Piazza Dipping Dish as a perfect hostess gift this holiday season.

Super Garlicky Bread Dipper $12.50

Dalla Piazza Dipping Dish $6.00 each (available in 4 different designs)


E-ClothGreat for cleaning just about anything, these amazing cleaning cloths provide a perfect cleaning system without the use of chemicals. Use just water for a “no-smear” clean. Made of heavy-duty microfibre fabric, each cloth washes up 300 times. The general purpose cloth cleans all hard surfaces including stainless, glass, marble, chrome, wood, and plastic, while the glass cloth cleans glass, mirrors & metals.

$9.99 each or two for $18.99

Trudeau Syrup Dispensers

Trudeau Syrup Dispensers Attractive and practical, this syrup dispenser looks great on any table. With a white top and base and a see-through body, the Trudeau Syrup Dispenser holds 16 ounces of syrup. Made of break resistant polycarbonate and featuring a spring activated slide back lever for ease of pouring, the dispenser is microwave and dishwasher safe.

$13.95 each

Pot Clip by Trudeau

Pot Clip by TrudeauJust clip this handy little gadget to the edge of your pot or bowl, and then hook your spoon or spatula onto the top of the clip, and your spoon won't slide into your pot. This multi-functional, heavy-duty clip is also useful in a variety of ways around the kitchen. Available in four funky colours.

$9.75 each