Fun Kitchen Toys

Having the right tool close at hand makes any job easier.

At FROM THE KITCHEN TO THE TABLE we are proud to carry well-designed, quality kitchen toys, gadgets and utensils that make working and playing in the kitchen so much fun! Stock your kitchen with essential utensils, add a few novelty items and have some extra fun with your cooking experience.

Pour on some delicious maple syrup!

Trudeau Syrup DispenserAttractive and practical, this syrup dispenser looks great on any table. With a white top and base and a see-through body, the Trudeau Syrup Dispenser holds 16 ounces of syrup. Made of break resistant polycarbonate and featuring a spring activated slide back lever for ease of pouring, the dispenser is microwave and dishwasher safe.

$13.95 each

Cozy up with a warm mug of holiday delight!

Hot ChocolateIt wouldn’t be the holidays without eggnog or hot chocolate. Gourmet du Village features ready to mix and easy to serve single serving holiday mixes. A great gift for dad, grandpa or anyone who likes the traditions of the season!

Hot chocolate - $1.00 each Eggnog - $1.25 each

Measure up a dash of nutmeg for your eggnog!

Measuring SpoonsThis 4-in-1 measuring spoon set from Trudeau collapses for easy storage and features measures for 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 tablespoon and 1 tablespoon. The stainless steel handle provides strong support and the silicone measuring spoons are heat resistant to 250ºC (482ºF). Dishwasher safe. Available in red, green & blue. Perfect for measuring a dash of nutmeg to top your holiday glass of eggnog.

$9.99 each

From the kitchen to the table in style!

Trudeau Simax Glass CasserolesThese Simax glass casseroles come in three sizes and include heat resistant glass pots and lids, as well as a cork trivet for serving. Each casserole also includes a plastic lid for airtight storage in the refrigerator. Good on gas and electric stove, in the microwave or oven. 1L, 1.5L, 2L sizes.

Starting at $34.95 each

As featured in Food & Drink magazine!

Cuisipro Farm AniSmood potato masherWe told you about the Smood potato masher before, but now Food & Drink magazine is singing its praises. Smood is an ingeniously simple invention that gives you perfectly smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes in seconds by trapping your food and forcing it through the thin gaps between Smood’s collapsing spring coils. The unique spring design absorbs any pounding impact so no more jarring of your wrists.

$29.99 each

Easy to mix, delicious salad dressings!

Chef’N EmulstirMaking your own salad dressing has never been easier. With the Chef’N Emulstir, just mix in your favourite ingredients and squeeze the handle to blend. The Emulstir is also perfect for storing leftover dressing, as well. Enjoy healthy, flavourful salad dressings in the comfort of your own home!

$21.95 each

Fresh towels are always in season!

Floursack Tea TowelsThese Floursack tea towels come in sets of three and come in a multitude of colour combinations. These multi-purpose towels are absorbent and virtually lint-free, making them perfect for drying dishes. Made of 100% cotton, each towel measures 24” x 36”. Consider buying a few sets and wrapping up some holiday gifts in them -- practical and pretty!

$10.00 for a set of 3 towels

Whisk up some culinary delights!

Cuisipro Soft-Grip Balloon Whisk blueThese silicone whisks from Cuisipro are perfect for incorporating air quickly and efficiently when whipping egg whites, whipped cream and meringue. The silicone wires won’t scratch ceramic, metal and non-stick cookware, and since they are heat resistant to 575°F, you can confidently whisk sauces right on the stove.

Starting at $12.88 each

Bringing the barnyard into your kitchen!

Cuisipro Farm Animal Cookie CuttersCuisipro introduces some new shapes to their cookie cutter collection. Each set snaps together for neat compact storage and the non-stick properties of the cutter release dough easily. The Farm Animal set includes three animal-shaped cutters: cows, bunnies & sheep. New sets also include zoo animals and train set shapes.


Create your own signature style!

Cuisipro Food Decorating PenGreat fun for everyone and simple enough for a child to handle. The Cuisipro Decorating Pen allows you to quickly and easily dress up desserts, pastries, beverages and plates with decorative swirls or messages for professional results. Each pen has the option for fine or thick lines. Fill the body with sauces like chocolate, icing, honey or berry sauce. It’s as simple as writing with a pen --simply fill the pen and squeeze the sides to decorate. Top shelf dishwasher safe.

$11.99 each

Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Trudeau Mixing BowlsThis quality melamine 3-piece mixing bowl set includes a 1.5L, 2L, and 3L bowls in bright fun colours -- a great set for your first kitchen. Use it to mix up ingredients for cookies or a casserole, you can even use them serve up a salad, or to fill with popcorn for a late night study session. These Trudeau mixing bowls feature a non-skid, non-scratch base and are dishwasher safe.

$24.95 for the set of 3 bowls

Leftovers have never looked so good!

FigoverreBormioli Rocco produces high quality glassware, featuring innovative design & technology. Their Frigoverre storage system is made of hygienic glass that allows you to view the contents of each container easily. Configured in spacesaving shapes, Frigoverre’s air tight rubber gaskets seal in freshness and keep out odours. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

From $6.50 each

Summer corn without the cob!

Oxo Corn StripperThe Oxo Good Grips Corn Stripper removes corn kernels from cobs with ease. Simply push the Corn Stripper down the length of the cob and the kernels collect in a convenient 1/2 cup capacity container. Featuring a soft, non-slip grip that cushions your hand, and stainless steel blade that won’t rust. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe.

$14.99 each

Grab a cob!

Zyliss Corn HoldersPut a lock on your cob of corn with these quality corn holders that interlock for safe storage and retrieval. No more lost pieces or poked fingers when searching in a drawer. Comfortable to use and sized just right for easy use. Stainless steel. Available in bright summer colours of red, blue, yellow and white. Rustproof and dishwasher safe.

$8.95 (set of four)

Toss one up!

Vacu Vin Salada CutterThe Vacu Vin J-Hook is a handy tool, perfect for preparing a salad using fresh lettuce. Simply place the ring of the salad cutter around the core, push and turn in a clockwise direction to remove the core in seconds. It easily separates the lettuce leaves, resulting in much less waste!

$7.99 each

Keep it green!

chefn leaf shearsThese Leaf Shears from Chef’n in a bright lettuce green colour are simple and highly effective for cutting all types of lettuce, and are great for cutting herbs, as well. The serrated nylon cutting edge helps prevent the lettuce from wilting or browning after chopping. The Chef’n Leaf Shears are simple to use, measure 7.5” long, and are dishwasher safe.

$4.99 each

What great a-peel!

Why clutter your gadget drawer with multiple peelers when you only need one. This Prepara Trio Peeler has a system that allows you to select from three different blades, depending on the job at hand. Peel vegetables and soft fruits or julienne potatoes, carrots or cucumbers with one tool. Ideal for left or right hand use. Dishwasher safe.

$25.00 each
prepare trio blade peeler

Scrub-a-dub-dub, naturally!

Loofah ScrubbersThese cute little scrubbers feature 100% naturally grown and processed loofah. Because of the longer and finer textured fibres that resist wear, these Loofah-Art products are the strongest, most resilient pliable cleaners, outlasting most others. Non-scratch fibres are safe on all delicate non-stick surfaces. Just rinse, squeeze and hang to dry!


Danesco Hot Dog Roller - Rolling up a BBQ classic!

BBQ RollerWatch for this hot new item when it is featured in the LCBO’s Food & Drink magazine later this month. The Danesco Hot Dog Roller helps you barbecue hot dogs and sausages perfectly. Fits up to 6 wieners or sausages at one time, it is stainless steel and features an eco-friendly removable bamboo handle. Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

$19.99 each

Flavourful rubs for the BBQ!

GV BBQ RubsGourmet du Village’s Barbecue Rubs are must-haves for the grilling season. Try the Roasted Barbecue Chicken Rub next time you barbecue poultry. The Chunky Steak Rub, now available in an easy to use shaker tin, is a great blend of cracked peppercorns, garlic and spices.

$6.50 each

Cooking tongs just like the pros use!

Cuisipro tempo locking tongsThese elegant Tempo locking tongs from Cuisipro have a smooth twist-and-turn locking mechanism which does not slip. Crafted in solid, high-quality stainless steel, the contoured handles are comfortable to hold. Dishwasher safe, with a handy hoop for hanging up when not in use. Perfect for cooking over the barbecue or for serving up dinner on the patio.

On sale for $12.99

Enjoy a ‘cuppa’ with your mom!

Tea mug with infuserThis classic stoneware mug with infuser and lid, available in both butter pecan & burnt cinnamon, is made with an innovative reactive glaze that creates dramatic variations in tone & colour, creating a sophisticated, hand-crafted look. Gift boxed. Microwave & dishwasher safe.


Cuisinart Coffee Grinder
Freshly ground coffee is no grind!

cuisinart coffee grinderWhy settle for anything less than the rich, fullbodied flavour of your favourite coffee? With the Cuisinart Coffee Grinder you can grind beans for up to 12 cups of coffee in just seconds. Features a stainless steel bowl and blades for superior grinding, transparent cover with measurement marking for whole and ground beans, and an easy-to-clean bowl and lid. Excess cord storage capacity keeps counter tops neat and safe.

$24.99 each

Enjoy tea-time in style!

ch'a cream and  sugarPair up your new tea mug (pictured above in butter pecan) with a matching tea pot and milk & sugar set (pictured right in burnt cinnamon). Each item comes gift boxed and makes the perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day.

Tea pot $21.99 each ~ Milk & sugar set $14.99/set

Get a grip! - Duncan Kitchen Grips

duncanKitchen Grips redThe original Duncan Kitchen Grips offer extra protection for grabbing oversized vessels. Water repellent and stain resistant, the Kitchen Grips are heat and cold resistant from -134F to 500F. Washing machine & dishwasher safe.

$49.99 each

Cooked to perfection every time!

Proaccurate Insta ReadThe Proaccurate Insta Read cooking thermometer allows you to check the “doneness” of roasts, meats and poultry. Waterproof and shatterproof, the thermometer features a pocket clip and a calibration tool on the sheath.

$34.99 each

Just a spoonful of sugar… or salt, or…

Cuisipro measuring spoonsThis set of 5 measuring spoons from Cuisipro is crafted from solid, high quality polished stainless steel. The set of 5 spoons includes 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 teaspoon & 1 tablespoon measures, all which attach to a special clip which is designed to come apart easily.

$15.99 per set

Fresh herbs in your kitchen! Prepara Herb-Savor

prepara herb savorNothing makes your meals taste better than fresh ingredients. The Prepara Herb-Savor will prolong the life of your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks, so you can enjoy flavourful meals every time you cook.

$30.00 each

The bread’s in the bag!

Della Piazza Round Bread BagReusable and environmentally friendly, these 100% cotton, European designed bread bags will keep bread fresh up to one week, compared to one day when stored in a paper bag. Best used by hanging up or laid out to full size. Available in two sizes(baguette or large round size).

$13.00 each

Snip your herbs in seconds!

The Endurance Herb Scissors make cutting and chopping herbs easy. The unusual blade design features a set of five 3” blades that allow you to cut, chop or mince herbs directly into a pan or over a plate for garnishing. Dishwasher safe.

$15.00 each

Herb Scissors

Every cookbook has it’s place!

Cook Book HolderThe Chef’s Centre cookbook holder features a spring loaded splash guard screen to keep your pages nice and flat, a fully rotating base with 4 pads for stability and a pull out drawer, that includes a handy weights and measurements chart. Folds flat for storage.

$30.00 each

Remove The Sock And Leave The Stock!

Soup SockPerfect for making clear, flavourful broth. Simply place desired ingredients in the fine mesh sock, tie the end and place in pot. When you're done, remove the sock and your stock is done!

$4.50/package (3 socks per package)

Here's The Scoop On Soup!

Cuisipro LadleFeaturing a generous bowl size, this classic ladle, crafted in solid, high-quality, mirror finished stainless steel has an ergonomic, comfortable handle with eyelet for easy hanging. Resistant to high and low extremes of temperature.

$23.99 each

Shucks -- We Love Oysters!

Rosle oyster knifeThe perfect tool for opening oysters, this high quality German designed oyster knife from Rösle features a slender blade that is sharpened around the tip (perfect for entering through the hard shell) and an ergonomically designed handle shaft. Dishwasher safe.

$44.95 each

Shelling Up Some Romance!

Escargot AccesoriesEscargots and romance seem to go hand in hand. Bring restaurant quality presentation into your home with these handy and affordable items and serve up some romance!

Escargot serving dish - $6.99 each
Escargot fork - $2.25 each Escargot tongs - $5.95 each

Grind Up The Benefits Of Flax!

Danesco Flax Seed GrinderThis flax seed grinder from Danesco has an adjustable ceramic “crush grind” mechanism for coarse to fine grinds. Can also be used to grind pepper, salt and other spices. Stands 5.5” tall.

$18.99 each

Rolling Through Dinner Preparation!

Chef'n Garlic ZoomThe Garlic Zoom from Chef’n takes the stink out of chopping garlic! Simply fill and roll. The stainless steel blades chop peeled garlic cloves into perfect chunks, ready for any meal. Your hands will be grateful and your recipes superb!

$12.95 each