Chef’s Choice Waffle Maker & Pizelle Maker

A waffle lover’s dream...

The heart-shaped waffle maker from Chef’s Choice will make any waffle lover smile from ear to ear. This sophisticated, yet user-friendly machine makes the perfect waffle every time, in as little as 90 seconds!

Just like the pros use!

Wish you could replicate the great taste and texture of restaurant-style waffles? Now you can, since the Chef’s Choice waffle maker uses the same technology used by professional chefs in restaurant kitchens.

Perfect waffles every time.

New Quad baking technology from Chef’s Choice allows you to select your preferred flavour, texture and colour. Choose fast bake for a crisp exterior and fluffy interior, or deep bake for a more uniform texture. “Floating lid” technology means all of your waffles will have a uniform thickness, and an easy to clean overflow channel makes cleaning up child’s play!


Chef’s Choice PizellePro pizelle makerPerfect Pizelle

In many regions around the world, pizelles are a traditional staple at Christmas and Easter celebrations.

Chef’s Choice PizellePro pizelle maker turns out the perfect pizelles in just 30-60 seconds. These thin delicate cookies can be served on their own as a sweet treat, or rolled with a variety of fillings to make festive cannoli. All appliances from Chef’s Choice have built-in cord storage, so they can easily be stored in your cupboard or pantry.