Art Glass

Functional Versatile Durable Beautiful

Art Glass

This is a great product line - it truly is Functional, Versatile, Durable & Beautiful. Here are a few reason to add this product line to your kitchen. Art Glass is durable; it's dishwaher and microwave safe. Many customers use them for every day ware.

Versatile - use Art Glass for every day or special occasions, this Italian green glass serves elegantly in any mood or setting. Just for food? Why not a candle tray, a centrepiece base, a jewellry keeper…

Don’t know what style of gift the bride-to-be prefers? Art Glass is the answer. For any colour scheme, formal or casual, Art Glass is a coveted gift for everyone’s tastes. Decor neutral - all Art Glass pieces work together or on their own.

The Art Glass design tableware collection features more than 150 pieces of collectible, co-ordinated Italian green glass. Handmade in British Columbia, Canada for over 25 years, the unique square shapes and classic lines are sure to delight.

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