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Bodum CanteenSince 1944 Europe’s BODUM company has been providing consumers with simple, functional design at affordable prices. Known for production of over 100,000 million French presses and over 30 million tea pots, BODUM has now taken the leap from “coffee” to “kitchen” and has developed and produced a large variety of beautiful household and tabletop designs.

Taste starts with your eyes!
Using the philosophy that taste starts with your eyes, BODUM has created a wide palette of beautiful tabletop objects in glass. Their double wall glasses are made with borosilicate glass which is heat-resistant, dishwasher safe and even the acids in wine can’t get to it!

A Glass for Every Occasion
From the Kitchen to the Table is proud to carry an extensive line of these classic double wall glasses including small and large tumblers, beer, martini, champagne & wine glasses. Classic, simple lines never go out of style. Bodum Tumblers

Bodum French Coffee Press

Bodum French Coffee PressThe Bodum French press has become an iconic coffee maker due to the strong aromatic coffee it produces, and for its ease of brewing. The secret is hot water right off the boil that fully surrounds the coarsely ground coffee beans. It’s as simple as using fresh coffee beans, grinding them coarsely, adding just boiled hot water, letting brew for 4 minutes, pressing down the plunger and voila — great coffee!

A Guide to Coffee Lingo

Cappuccino comprises equals parts espresso and milk froth, and is occasionally garnished with spices or powdered cocoa.

Café Latte consists of approximately 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk and is normally served in a tall glass. More frothed milk makes it weaker than a cappuccino.

Mocha is a latte with chocolate added.

Café au Lait is similar to latte except that drip-brewed coffee is used instead of espresso, with an equal amount of milk.

Espresso is a highly concentrated coffee that is brewed by forcing very hot (but not boiling) water under high pressure through a coffee that has been ground to a very fine consistency. Because of the high concentration of coffee, espresso is usually measured out in small shots, rather than large cups.

Did you know… ?

Almost 50% of adults in North America drink coffee on a daily basis, and another 25% drink it occasionally.

The first Starbucks opened in Seattle in 1971; there are now over 10,800 Starbucks locations worldwide.

Tim Hortons is the largest coffee and donut chain in Canada; it currently has 2638 locations in Canada, 305 in the United States, and one location in Kandahar, Afghanistan, serving the Canadian troops.

Entertaining Ideas

Consider hosting a dessert party instead of a formal dinner party.

Dessert parties are fun and casual, and give you a chance to showcase your holiday favourites (or those from your neighbourhood bakery). Complement the desserts with a selection of specialty coffees or teas, and you’re set to go.
Tips on hosting a dessert party.