Bormioli’s Fido Jars and Frigoverre Kitchen Containers

bormioli fido jars

Bormioli is a high quality Italian glassware that possesses high durability, strength and clarity, even after thousands of washes.

The Bormioli Fido glass storage jars are dishwasher safe, and possess the same outstanding qualities as the entire Bormioli line of glassware.

These jars are perfect for canning, with their stainless steel clamps and rubber gaskets. Preserve the bounty of the season in these fabulous storage containers.

Their classic design and quality construction are also great for showing off herbs, spices, jams and vinegars!

Available in a variety of sizes from 500ml to 5000ml

Regular prices from $5.49 to $15.99 each

Did you know?

  • Mason jars, made of sodalime glass, were invented and patented by John L. Mason in 1858.
  • Confit, which comes from the French verb “confire” (meaning to preserve) usually applies to the preservation of meats, by cooking them in their own fats or oils and allowing the fat to set.
  • Pickling, the process of preserving food in an acid (usually a vinegar), is one of the oldest methods of preserving.
  • Canned goods and canning supplies sell particularly well in recessionary times. In May 2009, Nielsen Canada reported that canning supply sales were up over 11% from the previous year.
  • It is believed that jams and jellies were first introduced to Europe by returning Crusaders.
  • In California a 40 year old can of corn was found. The corn was still safe from contaminants, and there was very little nutrition loss -- in fact the corn still looked and smelled like freshly packed corn.
  • A patent for grape jam was first issued to Paul Welch in 1917 under the name “Grapelade”, for the process of pureeing grapes.
  • Canning etiquette dictates that you should always return jars (and you may get them back full again)!



Frigoverre from Bormioli RoccoFood storage has never been such fun. Frigoverre Fun, the Bormioli Rocco line of glass food storage containers, combines pleasure with practicality.

The Frigoverre Fun collection is decorated with a lively floral motif that looks great in the fridge and in the cupboard. But it would be a shame to keep them shut away in the refrigerator: their youthfully cheerful design goes perfectly at a picnic with friends, for a quick lunch break, or even directly to the table as serving dishes.

Thanks to its soft edges, the cover adheres perfectly to the rim, guaranteeing optimal sealing: foods stay fresh and no odours escape. The transparent window in the cover means the contents are always clearly visible.

Frigoverre containers can be used in the freezer, in the refrigerator or in the microwave. Dishwasher safe, the Frigoverre system is as practical as it is pretty!

All containers in the collection – available in three models and three different colours – can be stacked inside one another to save space and have a special easy-opening system. And on the surface of each container is a space where you can place your own notes to identify what’s in each!

The Frigoverre glass storage collection is the most hygienic and functional food storage system on the market. Drop by the store and see for yourself.