Jamie Oliver Kitchenware

Jamie Oliver CookingJamie Oliver, at 33-years old, is recognized as one of the top young chefs in the world. He prides himself on working with simple, accessible ingredients, and focuses on celebrating no-nonsense, seasonal food and proper cooking techniques that are simple to prepare in your own home!

Jamie has introduced his own line of kitchenware and cookware that gives every home cook the basic items needed for preparing great seasonal food in their own kitchens.

His innovative Flavour Shaker, designed to crush, mix, puree, blend and release flavours from spices, herbs, garlic, nuts and citrus rind has become a culinary phenomenon.

From the Kitchen to the Table is proud to carry an extensive line of Jamie’s products, to help you bring his style of simple and flavourful cooking into your kitchen.

Cutting Board

Jamie Oliver Cutting BoardJamie Oliver’s Cutting Board is a perfect addition to any kitchen. With a simple, clean design, this cutting board is practical and versatile, is great for slicing breads and can even be used to serve up fresh vegetables, cheese, or fruits.

Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker

Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker

Designed to crush, mix, puree, blend and release flavour from whole spices, herbs, garlic, nuts, citrus rind or even lime or bay leaves in just a few seconds. Simply pop your ingredients inside, add the magic ball and give it a good shake. The ceramic ball does all the work, releasing amazing aromas and zingy flavours. Your can also add liquids like oil and cream to create delicious dressings and marinades. Dishwasher safe. One of the season’s hottest new kitchen gadgets.

See Jamie "Give it a Good Shake" Video

Hot Tandoori Rub

Spicy Caribbean Jerk Rub

Best Herb Marinade


Cooking with Jamie Oliver!

Cooking with Jamie OliverGremolata

If you’ve never used a mezzaluna before then you are in for a real treat. When it comes to chopping anything, it’s easy, safe and twice as quick. With two blades, it’s the King of Knives! With a little practice, you’ll be chopping things as quickly as the trained professionals!

Gremolata is a traditional accompaniment to Italian braised veal shank, and traditionally contains garlic, parsley and grated lemon peel.

Gremolata is so simple to make and can transform dishes with its amazing zing and fragrance. Great not just on meat, but also on fish or in risotto. Try Jamie’s Orange and Rosemary Gremolata.


Pesto is a sauce that originates in the city of Genoa in the northern region of Italy. The name comes from the word “pesta” meaning to pound or to crush, in reference to the crushed herbs and garlic used in the sauce. Pesto can be made in a food processor, but according to Jamie Oliver, it is best made in the pestle and mortar because the pounding and bruising of the basil leaves seem to extract more of the beautiful flavour.

Try Jamie’s Pesto Sauce recipe and then make some fresh pasta and serve us his recipe for Tagliatelle with Pesto.




Many believe that Jamie has single-handedly made a granite mortar and pestle set a requirement of modern cooking, so it is no wonder that he has created his own mortar and pestle with his name on it.

According to Jamie, “you don’t have to go crazy buying equipment, all you need to cook well is a good set of pots and pans, a couple of good knives, including an eight-inch chopper, a heavy mortar and pestle, a set of tongs and a speed peeler.”

Recently crowned the sexiest chef alive by People Magazine, you can catch Jamie’s Great Italian Escape, Jamie’s Kitchen and The Naked Chef on Food Network television.