Peugeot Salt Mills and Pepper Grinders

Add Flavour without Calories

Peugeot Pepper and Salt Mills

The production of Peugeot pepper mills and coffee grinders began in 1840. The lion emblem symbolizes the strength of the teeth and the flexibility and cutting speed of the blades. The Peugeot mill has maintained these standards and, 160 years after its creation, it remains the benchmark in its field! Peugeot pepper mills have an adjustable mechanism that allows the pepper to be ground to varying degrees, from coarse crushes pepper for grilled steak to a fine powder for delicate sauces. The pepper develops more flavour when it is ground at the time of use. Salt mills with adjustable stainless steel mechanisms are also available to match most styles of pepper.

French Sel Gris and Maldon Sea Salt Flakes are highly sought after by chefs and gourmets around the world for their delicate flavour but, because of their texture, they cannot be ground in standard salt mills. The Guerande natural beech mill from Peugeot — a replica of an original 18th century hand spice mill — delicately mills these fine salts while providing perfect, hygienic conditions for storage. It releases just he right amount of salt. Fine food lovers will delight in the subtle aromas that result when the mill is used to flavour all types of food, from barbecued meat to vegetable planners.

Did you know?

Americans consume more pepper than all other spices combined, consuming roughly 4 ounces per person per year.

Europeans generally prefer white pepper, while Americans consume roughly twelve times more black than white pepper.