Prepara Power Plant

Prepara Power Plant

The Prepara Power Plant allows you to have a mini garden, at your fingertips, all year long! You will proudly show off freshly grown Italian sweet basil or newly sprouted dwarf parsley from the comfort of your kitchen, anytime, rain or shine!

The Prepara Power Plant is a little green growing machine that will allow you to grow your own plants, right in your kitchen! Experiment with any seed! It’s easy to set up and simple to use. Just seed it, feed it and leave it!

You’ll see the simplicity of the this unique technology that allows you to be bug, worm and dirt free. It sits brightly on your sunny window sill, requires very little maintenance, grows fuller plants, quickly, and takes the guesswork out of growing!

Prepara Power Plant Pro

Fresh herbs in your kitchen! Prepara Herb-Savor

prepara herb savorNothing makes your meals taste better than fresh ingredients. The Prepara Herb-Savor will prolong the life of your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks, so you can enjoy flavourful meals every time you cook.

Did You Know?

BasilHerbal seeds have been found in pre-historic cave dwellings and are said to date back as many as 500,000 years!

Egyptians have studied herbs and used them for medicinal and religious purposes since as far back as 3500 B.C.

Written records about the study of herbs in China date back to 100 B.C.

Christopher Columbus was attempting to open trade routes for rare spices and herbs when he discovered the New World.

Herbology is the study of herbal medicine.

According to the World Health Organization, over 82% of the world’s population uses some sort of herbal medicine.

A culinary herb uses the leafy part of the plant, unlike spices which can use all other parts of the plant including seeds, bark, berries or root.

A herb is a seed plant that does not produce a woody stem, but which will develop long enough to produce flowers and seeds.

Bouquet garni is a bundle of herbs used to prepare soup, stocks or stew (slow cooking).

Fines herbes, a mainstay of French cuisine, is less pungent than a bouquet garni and is used for shorter cooking applications.

Herb How To

Herb BunchHow to make a Bouquet Garni
Tie together stalks of fresh basil, celery leaves, parsley, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, marjoram, tarragon or any combination thereof. Alternately, place dried herbs into a piece of muslin and tie in a bundle. Drop bouquet garni into your soup, stew or sauce while cooking. Remove before serving.

How to make Fines Herbes
Mix together equal quantities of fresh parsley, chervil, chives and tarragon. Add to omelette, scrambled eggs, or potatoes. Sprinkle over cooked vegetables like carrots, green or yellow beans. Sprinkle over salads for added flavour.

Homemade Herb Vinegar
Fill a jar with a self-tightening lid with your favourite fresh, young, clean, dry herb leaves. Fill jar with a good quality malt vinegar and seal. Shake jar regularly over a three-week period to mix together. After three weeks, strain contents and transfer to a clean jar.