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Riedel — the finest wine glasses in the world!

You don't have to be a wine expert in order to enjoy the wine experience to its fullest. According to Robert M. Parker, of the Wine Advocate, the finest glasses from both a technical and a hedonistic perspective are those made by Riedel. Despite the fact that the Riedel family (now in its 11th generation of business) has never placed their name on a single bottle of wine, Time Magazine claims that this family of Austrian master glassmakers have done more to enhance the oenophile’s pleasure than virtually any winemaking dynasty!

From the Kitchen to the Table is proud to carry an extensive line of Riedel products -- everything from wine glasses to decanters, to quality wine accessories. Discover for yourself what Riedel founder Claus Riedel discovered years ago when he became the first person in history to actually design the shape of a glass to enhance the character of the wine!

Riedel has been known for over four decades for designing the most finely tuned instruments for every level of wine sophistication as well, today, as the finest wine glasses in all price categories. While a glass cannot alter a fine wine or spirit, it can and does dramatically alter our perception of it.

The NEW Riedel O Red + White Tumbler

Riedle Red and White TumblerThis glass is considered the workhorse of Riedel glasses -- from water to iced tea to mixed drinks, or from your favourite red to a crisp white, the new Riedel O Red & White Tumbler does it all! Thin, perfectly balanced and a pleasure to drink from, it is an everyday, go-to-glass that can take whatever you can pour.

Non-lead, machine blown and dishwasher durable, it is the classic for just about every use.

Riedel Water Glass

Riedel Water GlassesThis attractive lightweight glass is a fashionable alternative to stemmed water glasses.
Non-lead and machine made.
All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe.

Riedel Pink Vinum Rosé
To Benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Riedel Pink Vinum RoseFor the third year, Riedel has created a special, limited edition glass to benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer. The Pink Vinum Rosé glass with its soft pink stem and clear bowl will be available in 2007, in time for rosé wine season. The glass will be sold in sets of two for $59.00, attractively packaged as a pair in a black box adorned by the pink ribbon synonymous with this important cause. Riedel will donate 15% of the proceeds from the sale of this glass to support those dealing with the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer and life beyond.

The first two glasses in the series, the Pink "O" wine tumbler (2005) and the Pink "O" Champagne glass (2006), sold out in record time, providing a donation of over $100,000 to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

The Pink Vinum Rosé glass is a machine-blown crystal glass based exclusively on the characteristics of the grape varietals used to create rosé wines.

Pick up a pair at the store and see for yourself!

Introducing Tyrol

Riedel TyrolTyrol is ideal for casual, elegant in-home dining. The glass stands on a solid half sphere which offers an amazing light reflection. The low height allows the glass to be enjoyed daily because of easy dishwashing. The range consists of 10 different sizes and each bowl is developed for the enjoyment of popular grape varieties and soft drinks. Tyrol is executed in lead crystal which gives the solid base a never ending sparkle and great stability. The name Tyrol commemorates Riedel’s new start 50 years ago in Austria in the federal state of Tyrol.

The New Series: Vitis

Riedel VitisVitis stands tall.
Riedel's tallest machine-made lead crystal glass is the pinnacle of modern pulled stemmed glass technology featuring highly sophisticated grape variety specific bowls on a pulled stem. The name Vitis = Latin = vine. Vitis from Riedel is an extension of the famous Vinum Extreme range. These diamond shaped glasses offer a large surface area for the wine allowing the powerful wines from the new world to be fully expressed. Vitis is the tallest lead crystal range of glasses from Riedel, each stem being pulled from 1 piece of glass giving a beautiful fluid appearance.

The Riedel O Wine Glasses

Riedel O Wine GlassesThe Riedel connoisseur will be surprised to find that this new glass series has something missing — there is no stem or base. So what is “O”? Riedel “O” is the new innovative take on the wine tumbler. In short: “O” is the ideal glass for every day use and for every occasion. designed to enhance the world's most important grape varietals. Available in Cabernet/Merlot, Pinot/Nebbiolo, Syrah/Shiraz, Chardonnay, Viognier/Chardonnay, Riesling/Sauvignon

It's fun, feels good to hold, looks trendy and it works! The low profile is also great for entertaining with Raclettes and Fondues.

Suggestions for Cleaning your Riedel Glass

  • Wash under warm water
  • Place on linen to drip dry
  • Steam over boiling water for extra shine
  • Use 2 linen tea towels to polish or microfibre crystal cloth
  • Never twist the base and the bowl - Not a concern with the Riedel “O”Riedel Bottle Cleaner and Microfibre Cloth

Try these great gift ideas from Riedel

Riedel Bottle Cleaner

Clean your valuable decanters and thermos flasks with metallic mini pellets from Riedel. These tiny stainless steel pellets remove all dirt, residue, sediment and stains from inside the decanter. Just fill the vessel halfway up with water, add the pellets and swish around for about 2 minutes. Drain, rinse, dry & use pellets again next time! Contains 12 pellets.

Riedel Microfibre Cloth

The Riedel microfibre cleaning cloth is perfect to clean your glasses and make them shine like new. Use either dry or slightly damp, the cloth cleans thoroughly and scratch-free. Removes grease and dries at the same time. Fluff free. Machine washable!