Casa Blanca Stoneware from Trudeau

Casa Blanca Bakeware & Serveware

Casa Blanca Bakeware & Serveware from Trudeau

Known for their high-quality and innovative products, Trudeau Corporation has teamed up with internationally recognized designer and ceramist Koen de Winter to create Casa Blanca, its new oven-to-table line.

Canadian designed and created, Casa Blanca is not only visually pleasing, with a streamlined and classic look, but it was designed to deliver superior performance.

The ultimate goal was to create an elegant line suitable for everyday use. Designer and ceramist Koen de Winter explains why he chose to work with stoneware for the Casa Blanca collection: “There are a number of advantages to using stoneware for everyday. The end result is a product that’s both well designed and functional.

Casa Blanca is food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe (except for items that include stainless steel or silicone). The entire line works directly from the oven to the table, is oven safe to 500F, and is stain resistant due to the protective lacquer on the mat natural surfaces.

Casa Blanca Bakeware & Serveware

As featured in Canadian Living magazine (May & June 2011)
and Homemakers magazine (May 2011)

Benefits of Stoneware

Trudeau Casa Blanca Jug MugThe use of stoneware goes back several centuries and its longevity has given us a deep understanding of its many advantages.

The process of firing stoneware at very high temperatures (between 1280C and 1320C) decreases the porous nature of the material, thus increasing its resistance to water and food absorption, making it sanitary and requiring very little care. Stoneware is sturdy enough to withstand dishwasher use and detergents. The vitrification of stoneware also produces a chemical bond between the glaze and the sandstone, creating a high resistance to scratches and surfaces.

Thanks to the quality and durability of its glazes, stoneware remains the material of choice for most ceramic artisans who appreciate its versatility, malleability and longevity. Trudeau is proud to bring you Casa Blanca, a collection that combines functionality, design and innovation!

Casa Blanca stoneware is designed, quite literally, to go from the kitchen to the table. The firing process of porcelain stoneware increases resistance to water and food absorption for a durable, long lasting product.

Casa Blanca stoneware is dishwasher and oven safe up to 500 F.

Here are some of the latest additions to the elegant and functional Casa Blanca line.

Classic, Elegant Design

With its simple, clean lines and neutral colours, Casa Blanca fits any decor. A white enamel finish coats the inside and top of the pieces, and is complimented by a rustic, textured finish in a natural taupe colour.

Casa Blanca Garlic Keeper