A Guide to Pasta Shapes
Angel Hair Angel Hair/ Cappellini
A very thin, delicate version of spaghetti that cooks in just minutes.


Big round tubes of pasta, suitable for stuffing.
Creste Di Gali Creste Di Gali
Half-moon shaped pasta with two rows of holes.
Ditalini Ditalini
Short tubes of pasta, most commonly used in soups.
Farfalle Farfalle
Bowtie shaped pasta.
Fettuccini Fettuccini
Long, thin pasta, perfect for heavier sauces.
Fusilli Fusilli
Curly, corkscrew shaped pasta; good in salads and casseroles.
Gnocchi Gnocchi
Pasta made with potatoes.
Lasagna Lasagna
Long, flat, wide pasta sheets.
Linguine Linguine
Long, very thin pasta (between fettuccini and spaghetti thickness).
Macaroni Macaroni
A highly versatile, small tubular pasta.
Manicotti Manicotti
Ridged pasta tubes, suitable for stuffing.
Orzo Orzo
Small, grain shaped pasta, often mistaken for rice.
Penne Penne
A versatile, tubular pasta with an angled end.
Quadrefiore Quadrefiore
Rectangular, flower shaped pasta.
Radiatore Radiatore
A ruffled, ridged pasta that works well in sauces, casseroles or salads.
Ravioli Ravioli
Two pieces of flat dough which sandwich some type of filling.
Rigatoni Rigatoni
A large, grooved pasta with ridges & holes suitable for any sauce.
Rotini Rotini
Similar to fusilli, but with a longer corkscrew shape.
Ruote/Wagon Wheels Ruote/Wagon Wheels
Wagon wheel shaped, great in chunky sauces or casseroles.
Shells Shells
Shell shaped pasta, suitable for stuffing.
Spaghetti/Spaghettini Spaghetti/Spaghettini
Long, thin, rounded pasta noodles with spaghettini being thinner than spaghetti.
Tortellini Tortellini
Coiled pasta noodle, literally meaning navel or belly button.
Vermicelli Vermicelli
Slightly thinner than spaghetti — literally means “little worms”.
Ziti Ziti
A medium-sized tubular pasta shape.


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