Gordon Ramsay Tableware

Gordon Ramsay by Royal DoultonAccording to British icon and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, “dining is not only about the taste of the food, but also what it’s cooked in and how it’s presented.”

Royal Doulton has recently partnered with Ramsay to “make the entire cooking and dining experience more enjoyable for consumers.”

Gordon Ramsay by Royal Doulton

Gordon Ramsay CookwareRoyal Doulton and renowned British chef and television celebrity Gordon Ramsay have joined together to bring quality cookware and dinnerware to your kitchen. The Gordon Ramsay Everday line of casual dinnerware offers a subtle design combined with amazing versatility. This porcelain casual tableware features embossed bands that help draw the eye to the centre of the plate -- making for a clean, classic look that enhances the presentation of the food.

When asked about his work in developing a line of cookware and tableware, in partnership with Royal Doulton, Gordon Ramsay responds:

“You can only expect to create good food by using the best. The cookware range is the best set of culinary equipment for your kitchen. The range has been designed to work hard for every type of food and every level of experience. I use them in my kitchen and they perform brilliantly.”

gordonRamsayTablewareThe 16-piece porcelain boxed-set features a versatile white pattern that is durable and made to last. All pieces are dishwasher safe.
16 piece set - $99.99/set
Each set includes:

  • 4 dinner plates
  • 4 salad plates
  • 4 all-purpose bowls
  • 4 mugs

A British Icon & Haute Chef
Gordon Ramsay is a British icon, restaurateur and haute chef, who has gained acclaim with North American audiences as host of Fox TV’s Hell’s Kitchen, which debuted in May 2005.

Awards & recognition for Scottish born Ramsay
Born Gordon James Ramsay in Scotland in 1966, Ramsay holds the title Order of the British Empire, and currently is only one of three chefs in the United Kingdom whose restaurant is rated 3 Michelin stars. Since he started his culinary career, Ramsay has been awarded 10 Michelin stars.

Culinary perfection showcased on television worldwide
He achieved celebrity status in the UK for presenting television programs about competitive cookery and food. Ramsay has built his culinary reputation around his pursuit of culinary perfection, and in many circles he has become infamous for his fiery temperament and use of expletives in his quest to achieve this goal. Now in it’s fith season, Hell’s Kitchen featuring Gordon Ramsay can be see on Fox TV on Monday nights.

Gordon Ramsay