Head Chefs: Cool Tools For Kids

Head Chefs Cool Toys for Kids

Cooking and baking for kids has just stepped it up a notch with the Head Chefs line of cooking tools from Fiesta. Known for their diverse selection of technologically innovative kitchen products, Fiesta combines colourful, contemporary styles with high-performance design, making their gadgets top choice for professional cooks and home cooks alike.

Head Chefs is an exciting line of colourful kids cooking tools that are sure to inspire creativity in the kitchen for kids of all ages. Each vibrantly coloured Head Chefs tool features bendable arms and legs, suction cup feet and a soft silicone body.
Head Chef's Cool Tools for Kids

Create memorable meals together with Head Chefs!
The innovative design makes each tool completely functional and enjoyable for everyday use. As your children discover the joys of cooking, these adorable tools will help families create memorable meals together while teaching little ones the importance of nutrition and portions. The line of Head Chefs tools includes an eggplant spoon, blueberry pastry brush, a lime whisk, a cherry measuring cup, a boysenberry turner, a tomato icing spreader, a banana sifter, a grape measuring spoon and a mint child’s fork and spoon. Dishwasher safe.

Today’s rolling pin for tomorrow’s chef!

Head Chef's rolling pin
Baking is fun with the Sil-Pin junior rolling pin! The non-stick silicone allows for easy rolling and clean-up and the junior size is perfect for tiny hands. Also great for small specialty items like tarts, ravioli and delicate pastries. Available in 4 fun colours. Also available in “grown-up” sizes!

Pastry Perfect

Hed Chefs Pastry Roller
No need to over-handle pastry. Also great in the playroom for rolling out play dough. Features contoured handle for easy grip and non-stick silicone surface for easy clean up!

Meet the Head Chefs at www.head-chefs.com
Watch the cartoon, meet the characters, play games, download colouring pages and vote for your favourite Chef!


Favourite Kid Recipes from Head Chefs

Fresh Fruit Kebobs
Spikes Flyin’ Hawaiian French Bread Pizza
Whisk Away Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Dipped Bananas

Tips for Cooking With Kids

  • Safety is paramount! Make sure that there is always an adult present when children are cooking.
  • Keep it clean! Wash your hands, and teach your children to wash their hands on a regular basis when cooking -- before they start, after they’ve been to the bathroom, if they sneeze -- you know the drill!
  • Choose age appropriate recipes! You want cooking to be fun, not frustrating!
  • Review your recipes beforehand and make sure you have all the ingredients before you start!
  • Preparation is key! Line up all your ingredients and utensils on the counter before your start. That way you can focus on the task at hand (and keep an eye on the kids at all times)
  • Demonstrate & explain the ingredients and the utensils you are using -- but keep it fun and age appropriate.
  • Encourage the “clean as you go” philosophy. You’ll be glad you did when they become teenagers.
  • Most of all, have fun! Let the kids touch, taste and experiment -- it’s the best way to learn!

Did You Know?

  • National Chocolate Covered Anything Day takes place every year on December 16th. Who knew?
  • Despite its name, Hawaiian pizza was not invented in Hawaii, but is said to be a German creation.
  • Chatham Ontario restaurant owner Sam Panopoulos claims to be the first person to have put pineapples and ham on a pizza at his Family Circle Restaurant in 1960.
  • The word “kebab” is derived from the Persian language and originally meant fried, not grilled meat.
  • The word “shish” is from Turkish origins, meaning “skewer”.
  • The chocolate chip cookie was first developed in 1933 by Ruth Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn in Whitman Massachusetts.
  • Kraft Dinner was introduced in Canada and the U.S. in 1937, during World War II. It’s introduction was due in part to the rationing of milk and dairy products, creating a captive market.
  • It is said that Canadians eat more than 3 times the amount of Kraft Dinner than any other nation on earth!